here comes Audiofeed!

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

G and I are doing the preliminary work to prepare for our first time attending Audiofeed Festival later this summer.  While the festival has been going for several years, we’ve been busy with Royal Family Kids Camp at festival time the past three summers, and as much as we wanted to do the festival, choosing between serving those foster kids or indulging ourselves was kind of a no-brainer.

The year before we started serving at that camp, G had suggested Audiofeed, but I was having no part of it.  Like G, I had been attending and/or serving at Cornerstone Music Festival for many years before it was discontinued.  I was still in deep mourning (this is not artistic exaggeration) about Cornerstone ending; when G suggested the trip to Audiofeed, I had the perfect analogy to explain my refusal.  “Let’s say you died tomorrow.  And then my friends came to me in a few months and said, ‘We’ve got a really great guy we want you to meet.  We think the two of you would be a great couple.’  My answer would be I DON’T WANT TO MEET THE GUY.  It doesn’t matter how nice he is.  My G just died.  Give me time to grieve properly.”

True fact:  just now while I was looking up the link above that shares about the end of Cornerstone Festival, I spontaneously started to weep as the page opened, surprising myself.  Cornerstone changed my life in about a thousand ways.  It opened my perspective.  It shaped my faith.  It brought me friends just as misfit and odd and Jesus-crazy as me.  It eventually led me to live at JPUSA, one of the greatest experiences of my life, and some real forever friendships with the folks there, which in the long run delivered me my very own husband, made just for me, the amazing G.  I am STILL crushed that it is over.

But I’ve had enough time to grieve now, and it happens that we moved the week that Royal Family Kids camp happens, so we are available for Audiofeed.  We (and some of our friends) did a major happy dance last year upon learning that this scheduling conflict was finally untangling itself.  I CAN’T WAIT!

Along the way, though, I’ve gotten rid of all of my camping stuff.  Before moving to JPUSA, I had given away most of what I had.  The little 2-man tent I used when moving back to the Quad Cities made me crazy, so when we picked up a couple of travelers and their dogs one time on the way home from a Kentucky trip and drove them across several states, we made sure to send them off the next day with our little tent in hand.  They were headed to the next best spot to hop a train – I figured a way to get out of the rain would be good for them, and they wouldn’t mind so much how scrunched the thing was.

So I had written down in my planner:  buy a tent for Audiofeed.  Just needed a budget for that.  While waiting to work that out, I went a couple of weeks ago to yard sales with my family; I bought a 3-room tent for $10 in someone’s back yard.

It’s a gamble, buying a used tent in a bag.  Will all of the pieces be there?  Will the zippers work?  Will there be instructions, and if not, will I be able to figure out how to set it up?  Did it get put away wet – will it be moldy?  So many questions. But $10 is a pretty good gamble, so I brought it home.

Tonight we tried to do a test run, setting it up.  If bad news was coming, I wanted it sooner rather than later.  It only had 1 stake left, but fortunately we had enough on hand for that problem.  It isn’t moldy, and the zippers seem to work.  We couldn’t quite set it up, though, as 3 sections of the two longest fiberglass poles are shattered.

Thank God for the internet.  I’ve been Googling and YouTubing and shopping Amazon and everything I need to fix this problem is now in the mail – it’ll be here Wednesday.  I’m about to become an expert in tent pole repair (one more item for my grab-bag of things about which I like to call myself a badass for knowing.)  Within the week, if the weather cooperates, we will do a test run to make sure we can set the thing up.

ADVENTURE!  I love it.  Now, if God wants to drop some camp cooking equipment in my lap, I’ll cheer aloud about that one and tell that story too.  He KNOWS I like to brag on how He delights to supply my needs.  I just know He’s tickled with and for me as our plans come together.

Going to Audiofeed?  TELL ME!  Let’s look each other up!


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