you thought I am like you

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

While I am only just in the last year or so learning to love the book of Proverbs, Psalms has always been an easy attraction for me.  I love the poetry.  I love the imagery.  I love how real the psalmist gets about how life looks sometimes.  I love how each chapter is a little package in and of itself – I can read it all out of sequence and not get lost or somehow out of context.  I love the psalms in new, contemporary translations and I love them in the old King James Version.  In long passages where I couldn’t be bothered to study much else about the Bible at all, I returned to the book of Psalms over and over.   So I love it that my listen-to-the-Bible in a year app does a section of psalms every day.

Here’s what caught my attention yesterday morning while I was out walking around in the dark morning and listening.  I was in Psalm 50, and God was making a list of the way His people were being rotten.   Shady.  Dishonest.  Gossipy.  Hateful.  And then He follows up saying something that sounded to me like this:  I watch you doing all this and don’t say anything, so you thought I am like you.  Ugh.  Other versions that I’ve looked up after I got in from my walk say it more gently – you thought I didn’t care.  

You thought I am like you.  Isn’t that human nature?  We do rotten stuff and don’t get called on it, so we decide that God didn’t really mind.  All that stuff about living our faith out with integrity – that’s optional, right?  As long as God doesn’t smite me dead on the street instantly for doing it, that means He’s totally down with it.

That convicts me hard on the front of “little things.”  I’m far enough down the road in the journey that I’m a little bit less inclined to stumble on the big things so easily, but the little things.  Ugh.  The small transgressions that I can so easily choose to overlook in myself – you know, the same things I would likely NOT overlook if I saw them in you.  A million ways I can be rotten, and pretend to myself that it’s really not so bad at all, especially if no one notices, especially if no one calls me out on them.

Starting my day praying about that, and aiming to be intentional in tending to those things – not because I’m sweating whether God will smite me dead on the street if I don’t, but because I’d much rather make Him glad than not.


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