when healing happens, it carries extra gifts

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

I am sidelined from walking for exercise this morning.  Saturday I overdid, working on my feet for about 8 hours around the house.  The arthritis pain in my feet at the end of that work was pretty harsh; I rested for the remainder of the day and didn’t exercise on Sunday at all as the pain was a lot better, but still very much there.  Still, I noticed that standing for my “greeter gig” at church didn’t make it worse, which made me smile.  Walking Monday morning didn’t make it worse.  Yes!  Tuesday morning the pain was unchanged, so I walked again.  I am LOVING getting back outside for walks.

Tuesday at work I had a task to complete that required about 40 minutes of walking, including many flights of stairs.  I wasn’t worried about it – I was just glad to be able to be up and out of my chair.  Holy cow, was that ever a bad idea.  I’ve been limping ever since.  Yesterday, walking was not an option, so I got on the exercise bike.  Fifteen minutes in, the pain of pushing the pedals was too much, so I got off.  The pain was persistent enough in the night that I had to keep re-positioning my feet.  So this morning I’m once again off my feet, but not despairing.  I will rest and recover, and I will be mindful that I’m still healing and overdoing is not wisdom.

Meanwhile, other REALLY GOOD THINGS are happening.  The healing in my body is having effects I did not anticipate.

I’ve had some kind of wound or whatever on my upper thigh for many months.  Huge – about the size of the old 50 cent pieces.  Dark purple, garish – it looked like it should hurt really bad, but it didn’t.  I watched it for months, wondering what was up, since I couldn’t remember any injury.  At my annual skin check with my dermatologist the first week in November, I asked about it after she made no comment at all.  She was casual – it was just a previous boil that was healing or something like that – though she hadn’t done more than glance at it from a distance.  It had already been there longer than I thought it should, but since she seemed unconcerned, I let it go.

I waited for any signs of healing, but it kept not changing, week after week.  Every morning when I looked in the mirror, it was still there, and soon my mind was noting it with the phrase “a wound that does not heal.”  I was working not to worry that some dire diagnosis was in my near future and trying to calculate how much longer I should wait before insisting the dermatologist actually LOOK at it.

Then I started following my chiro’s instructions in late December, and hey – healing!  It started getting smaller and less angry looking, and it is almost completely gone now.  I’ve said before that I had run completely out of margin, and I can only see this as evidence of that.  My body was struggling and suffering to the point that it couldn’t heal that spot, it seems, until it got some help.

That’s not the only thing.  The other is my monthly cycle.  I won’t be graphic or gross here, but suffice it to say:  that has been severe enough for a couple of years now to make one or two days a month almost more than I could do to get out of bed – a  younger me would have missed a lot of work during this time.  All of a sudden, since doing what my chiro says to do, the “debilitating pain” part has vacated the process, and it’s also better in ways I won’t describe out loud.

So, despite being sidelined from my morning walk today, I’m celebrating these evidences of a real turnaround in my physical health.  I’ll proceed with great care, being deliberate about the business of not overdoing along the way, but:  HOPE!  It’s a wonderful thing.

I can’t help but note that spiritual healing is the same way – you work on a thing that’s been crippling you relationally or whatever, and as the healing comes, it spreads, touching things you didn’t even know to ask about, or didn’t have the imagination to suppose could be addressed.

Healing is good, and worth the expense.  May you find healing if you need it, where you need it, and may you be astonished at the “other things” it touches along the way.


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