Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Listening.  I’ve realized that I’m heavily shifted into listening mode lately.  I’ve been at a few social outings lately, and every time I find myself almost completely unable to generate sentences.  I am watching and listening, praying and noticing, but words seem like too much and my mouth stays shut.  When I do talk, it invariably feels like I’ve said too much and the wrong thing.

I ran into an old friend at the event I attended last night who asked if I am writing less often lately.  Oh…I guess I am.  Many mornings I get here and the words are nebulous, shifty.  I have countless unfinished drafts saved, most of which I’ll probably never even look at again.  It seems that’s the season I’m in – less creation of words and ideas and more ingestion of them.

I’m longing for a recharge day – one glorious day on my own to catch up on the things that are piling up.  That’s what my introvert self needs more than almost anything right now.  A quiet day of reordering.  Will more words come after that?  I can’t pretend to know.  Life is rhythms and seasons and certainly I am approaching a major shift, which always tends to push me inward.

I am focusing on listening for the Lord’s voice, not just my own thoughts, which historically have been known to drive me into depression or other types of crises when I only focus on them.

Wonder what work He’s doing in me just now.


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