wisdom’s song

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

As I get off the couch to head for the kitchen with my empty soup bowl in hand, I turn to extend the other hand to G.  “Give me your dishes while I’m going.”

He hands them off to me, careful to not let the silverware fall.  He cocks his head a bit to one side.  Concern fills his eyes.  “You got that, baby? Is it too much? You need me to get it?”

For the kajillionth time a little thank You Jesus prayer bounces from my heart to heaven, that He saved this one just for me.  I laugh.  “Honey.  It’s three plates and a bowl.  I might be just a girl, but I think I’ve got this one covered.”  G chuckles and relaxes back from his poised-to-leap-to-the-rescue position.  I marvel that with all that I’ve lived and all that I’ve been, this is where I get to be now.  It never stops surprising me, in its goodness.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend from twenty or so years ago.  We celebrated as we spoke at where we are today – at WHO we are today.  We remember the struggle.  We remember the stories.  We are battle-scarred veterans from the land of insisting on having one’s own consequences, and neither of us has any desire to revisit that realm.  Ever.  It was a long journey from there to here.

Not everyone gets wiser as they get older.  I know this by simple observation.  Some get more selfish, more shrill, more insistent that the world must meet their expectations.  Some shoot deep roots of bitterness into the ground beneath them, ensuring their own forever bondage.  Some embrace fear, making change their mortal enemy.  Some settle into a puddle of judgment.

My prayer for you as you read this is that you’ll let life and God make you wiser along the journey.  There is a cost to it, but from over here beyond the battles of surrender, I can testify:  it’s worth it.


  1. billsmockins@frontiernet.net says:

    So worth it to let God grow, mature and transform us into the person He wants us to be!  Thankful he is doing that for me and for you!!!

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