100 things that are nice about being 50

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
  1. I’m not confused about what I want.
  2. I like who I am.
  3. I learn every single day.
  4. I laugh every single day (loudly and without gracefulness or embarrassment).
  5. Flexibility.
  6. I’m able to listen to my body.
  7. I know for sure that God totally digs me.
  8. I’ve realized that my parents love me as much as I love my kids (this wrecks me each time I consider it.)
  9. Having adult children is the shiz.
  10. Being a mother-in-law is all blessing.
  11. Being a “grammy” is the best thing ever.
  12. Listening is a deeper, more profound thing than it’s ever been for me.
  13. I know how to love when I don’t feel it.
  14. I’ve made friends with loneliness.
  15. I know the value of struggle.
  16. I recognize pain as a scalpel that cuts away parts of me that I’m better without.
  17. I’ve given up on the idea of perfect theology – I don’t need to have it, and I don’t need you to have it, and I wouldn’t know it if I saw it.
  18. I’ve unlearned a lot of my God/messiah complex.
  19. I can offer myself (not just others) compassion and grace, and can speak gently and with kindness to the ugly, unhealed parts of me.
  20. I own my mistakes and am not interested in hiding them.
  21. Shoulds don’t own much of my time or attention.
  22. I see God in everything.
  23. I see humor in everything.
  24. I see brokenness in everything.
  25. I see beauty in everything.
  26. I see myself in everything.
  27. I’ve learned where it’s most important to fight my procrastinating nature.
  28. I got to be a runner – slid it in just under the wire, before arthritis could stop me.  The memory of it gives me joy and makes me proud of me.
  29. My joy in serving is not a quest for recognition, not fueled by the need for others’ approval, not encumbered by strings of expectations, and not brought low when another’s gratitude is not forthcoming.
  30. Acceptance.
  31. Beautiful gray hair.
  32. Crystal clarity on many things that used to confuse me.
  33. Not mortified at being strange, but also not finding some sort of silly pride in it.
  34. Not tempted to participate in most arguments or pointless, fruitless fights to which I’m invited.
  35. A pretty thorough understanding of the interrelatedness of what I put into my body, how I move my body, and what comes out of my body, which empowers me to change it when it ain’t working. (Yes, this one is mostly about poop! :-P)
  36. Mostly delivered from practicing false humility.
  37. I can find your choices, behaviors, attitudes, or beliefs reprehensible and not love you one tiny bit less for it.
  38. Mostly over being competitive with anyone other than myself.
  39. An understanding of and love for food and cooking sufficient that I can cook better food than I can get almost anywhere.  Almost.
  40. Driven by a desire to call strength and beauty out of others who don’t know they have either.  <<This is a serious warrior thing and I am a serious warrior!
  41. I (mostly) know how to work it out between me and God when I’m mad, rather than splashing shit all over others.
  42. I lived through thinking I was a supermom, through realizing I was very far from that, and now just get to be proud at how well the kids came out without being under any delusion that most of the credit for that goes to me.
  43. Have made peace with my ex and am sufficiently healed and grown to feel real joy for him when I hear about his good news and real compassion when I hear about his challenges.
  44. Willingness to face my shortcomings without protest, defense, or attempted cover-up.
  45. Ability to live inside of what is and not try to insist it be otherwise.
  46. Ability to change, where change is truly needed – and understanding that change will continue clear up ’til the moment I cross over.
  47. The most financially stable I’ve ever been.
  48. Patience.
  49. Excitement about the years ahead, along with certainty that I don’t have a clue what they might contain.
  50. Regular contact with God’s sheer delight.
  51. My magnifying glass is aimed at beauty, not fault.
  52. No longer need to defend or try to change my introversion.
  53. Regular access to getting up and talking into a mic, and awareness (but zero discouragement) that sometimes I hit it right and sometimes it’s kind of appalling.
  54. When I see you judging me, I am less and less tempted to enter into inner angst about that.
  55. Prayer is no longer work and no longer needs careful definition.
  56. I can meditate anywhere.
  57. Shutting up to watch and listen is my default setting.
  58. I understand lying as a violation of who I’m created to be.
  59. I don’t care that believing the best of others looks like naivete.
  60. Have finally developed regular maintenance habits for my car and for my body.
  61. I can have WTF moments as I study scripture, some of which go on for long periods of time, without doubting God or my place with Him.
  62. Have worked with my boss long enough to anticipate about 90% of what he wants before he gets a chance to ask.
  63. Comfort saying literally anything I might want to say or ask anything I might want to ask my boss without fear.
  64. The friendship and very mutual respect of my coworkers.
  65. The ability to coach myself (aloud even, when necessary) through tasks that are hard.
  66. I know how to give others permission to be themselves.
  67. A trusted place in the lives of many, from which I can listen to what doesn’t get widely told and pray accordingly.
  68. Boldness growing at a rate that makes me smile.
  69. Having found a church that fits me so well it almost feels custom-designed just for me.
  70. Having lived at so many addresses, thoroughly enjoying where I live now, and holding no special attachment, should God have more ideas about other addresses going forward.
  71. Freedom to say no pledge of allegiance to anything but God, and freedom to not try to recruit others to my perspective on that point.
  72. Understanding that objecting to abuse of power is not an attack against those who aren’t abusing power.
  73. Understanding that most victimizers are also first victims, and holding the deep well of compassion available therein.
  74. A working understanding of how insecurity distorts thought and processing.
  75. Freedom from the delusion that I am a self-made anything.
  76. The ability to suit up and show up daily, and that I’m not bored or persecuted in being a Very Reliable Person.
  77. Frequent tears of joy and wonder.
  78. Getting to watch my former youth group/Sunday school kids be adults (thank you Facebook!)
  79. Enjoying instrumental music and getting over the silly notion that all the meaning in songs lies in the lyrics.
  80. Experiencing how being more myself makes me a better wife, daughter, mother, friend, and citizen.
  81. An ever-deepening appreciation of the value and importance of story.
  82. The ability to step away from internet trolls without getting their sticky fingerprints on me.
  83. Purpose.  Always.
  84. Clarity that often when I say or think, “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,” sooner or later I’ll be trying it, and after that I’ll be doing it.
  85. Lack of need to be interesting to or valued by people who seem to have what we are “supposed” to have.
  86. Deep appreciation of difference.
  87. The feeling of instant contrition when I’ve spoken out of line.
  88. Grasping that my attempts to help can be hurtful.
  89. Getting that most of my pain is self-induced.
  90. Adventurousness.
  91. Having made peace with the truth that most people (including and especially me) aren’t really paying attention.
  92. A great collection of friends that I can pick up with like it was yesterday, even if it was years since we last spoke.
  93. No urgency to be claimed by a lot of new people as a friend, in the “insider” part of that word.
  94. The ability to see deep and unending tragedy and not doubt God’s goodness.
  95. A perspective that sees and cares way, way outside my own little world.
  96. No need to do anything just because lots of others are.
  97. Having found a place where good habits feel like freedom instead of oppression.
  98. I enjoy being quiet with others.
  99. Never, ever needing something to do.  Never, ever experiencing boredom.
  100. Getting that most folks aren’t going to read all the way #100, and among those who do, most will have only skimmed – and being cool with that.
  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    Read it all and love your list. A good exercise for anyone to do.

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