tattoo day (with plenty of pics)

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m home from getting my tattoo!  My Facebook wall tells me some of you are excited to see how it went.  Good news:  Julia was there from start to finish, and she took a lot of pics!  And G caught a few at the end as well.

First, let’s start with that circle I described in my earlier blog – where the skin graft is.  Here’s what that looked like.


Today’s tattoo was done by Steven over at O’Toole Design, by the way.

The first thing he did was transfer his artwork from a little piece of paper to my arm.  That looked like this.



He did a great job of getting the skin graft right in the middle!

I wasn’t afraid of the pain, going in.  Even a few minutes before we left home, I was all cool.  I knew the fear would likely hit when I got into the chair.  And that’s when it was.  But it wasn’t insurmountable.  Here I am focusing on the ceiling fan while I worked on deciding how unbearable the pain was going to be – soon I realized that G was right when he told me it basically feels like a cat scratching.  (But seriously, who wants to be scratched repeatedly by a cat in the same area for 3 hours, right?!)


Steven did me one huge favor – he started with the smallest needles and worked his way up.  I cannot imagine how I’d have made it through if he had started with the biggest needles and worked his way down.  The first 2 hours weren’t bad at all.  The last hour – OUCH!!!!!!

Here we are in process:


That’s not red ink in the flower design.  That’s me bleeding.  When the thing was all done but the wrapping, I took a potty break.  Looking in the mirror, I saw red in the blue sky and wondered what the heck he was thinking, putting red in the sky.  Until I realized:  oh yeah, that’s just me bleeding.

You can see that the skin on my arm got very angry.  The thing felt pretty dang raw by 2 hours in.  For the first 2 hours, I sat mostly smiling and having quiet conversation with Julia and Steven.  For the last hour, I sat grimacing horrible grimaces, and when G showed up the first thing I did was forbid him to photograph my animated agony.  Because he wants to live, he abided by my wishes.


The best moments of this process were when he wiped my arm down with a paper towel wet with something (water?  I’m not sure).  It was sooo cool and so comforting that I literally made ecstatic faces and noises every time.  I wanted him to just keep wiping and not so much with the digging needles into my arm!  He did a great job of making the time pass quickly and watching out for me throughout the process, including stopping around the beginning of hour 3 to put a product on my arm that made it hurt less – something about opening the pores or something.  I don’t know.  It helped.  A lot.  Which was important, as by now I felt like I’d slid down a gravel road on that arm at 50 mph for a mile.

The final process was wrapping my arm.  This is some kind of awesome modern medical technology that will facilitate faster healing – it looks like clear contact paper and it gets stuck right to the arm.  I am to wear it for 3 days, not bothering it at all, and then remove it and put more of the same on and wear it for 3 more days, not bothering it at all, and then it will be about 80% healed and will finish healing up over the next couple of weeks after that.  Here’s what it looks like all wrapped up – guess it’ll be a week or so before you get more updated pictures!

I’m told the wrap, called “Saniderm,” will sort of act as a “plasma bag” to catch my bleeding and extra ink.  In other words, even if you see me in person between now and next week, you’re not really going to get a good look at it – it’s gonna be kind of a gross spectacle for a bit.

This was a fun day.  My arm hurts like heck.  I’m glad it’s my left arm, since all I feel like doing is tucking it in close to my body and not using it – somehow it even hurt to try to carry my purse with it.  The feeling is a combination of bad road rash and a severe sunburn.  It might be an interesting night for sleeping.

Having said all that – I’m tickled to have done it.  Will share “final” photos later.  Happy birthday to me!


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