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Posted: February 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

I lost the best hammer I’d ever had when I had a roommate.  She borrowed it and I never saw it again, despite several furtive and extensive searches of all areas of our room while she was away.  I assume she took it elsewhere to use it and then forgot to bring it back.

It was a bummer, losing that hammer.  It looked just old and unimpressive, but I have small, weak hands and it fit my grip perfectly.  Its smooth old wooden handle was exactly the right length for me to get the leverage I wanted when using it as a pry tool.  Other hammers had come and gone from my life over the years, but I had prized this one and treasured it well, never letting it get mislaid.  I’ve since replaced it – I have 3 hammers now, 2 of which I bought for pennies on the dollar second-hand, and 1 I picked up on Amazon for its exceeding smallness – but none of my current hammers can hold a candle to the one that was lost.  I still feel a pang when I think of it.

I have a super-cool tape measure; it has a little lever-thingy at the bottom of it, which makes it highly user-friendly for the person working without an assistant on hand.  The beauty of it is you can pull the tape out to where you want it and then the lever closure mechanism keeps it right there, holding it from sucking back in at at inopportune moment.  I bought the tape measure after we moved into our current home.  I’ve got a bunch of other tools too, but none of them offer me the geek-out joy factor that the above mentioned have.

This week, I added a cordless drill to my collection.  I had a project I needed to work on at church, and there’s also my pallet-couch-building project waiting for spring, and I can’t just keep borrowing a friend’s drill over and over (I’m nervous when I borrow another’s tool – especially a power tool.  What if I break it?!)  So I went in and read enough Amazon reviews to understand that I needed one with variable speed.  Along with the drill I ordered a set of drill bits and a set of screwdriving bits.

I was ridiculous when it came – more or less the female version of Tim the Toolman Taylor.  I took the drill out of the box and admired it, holding it in my hand and happy that it fit.  I charged it up and made speeches to G sort of in the style of the old WWF wrestlers, trash-talking how I was gonna rule the world with my new drill.  G elected to just enjoy the silliness.  I like that about him.

Yesterday I got to use the drill for 2 projects – 1 at church and 1 at home.  I’m very proud of both projects.  G had been having trouble seeing to choose from his many black shirts in his dark closet; I installed two motion-sensor lights in there, so that as he opens the closet door and strides in, the lights come on (thank you, Amazon, for cheap motion-sensor lights!)  Once the lights were installed, of course I had to make G come in and walk in and out of his closet for a demonstration, and we’re both still being silly about it today.

Now I just need one more tool before my spring pallet couch project can commence – some sort of saw.  When I built my garden gate last spring, the friend who loaned me his drill also loaned me his handsaw.   It worked well enough for just the tiny bit of sawing work needed for that project, but I’m thinking I’d wear my arm out trying to use a handsaw for the pallets.  I gotta figure out what kind of electric saw I can afford and also use with my weak little hands and not get myself hurt.  Should be a fun research project.

No big spiritual point here today.  Just the joy of my tools.  What are your favorite tools?  Also, please feel free to advise me on a good saw purchase!


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