dance like a diva

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

My 3 year-old granddaughter took her doctor’s office by storm yesterday.  Like many of her generation, she’s a diehard “Frozen” fan; pretty much every time I see her she sooner or later starts belting out “Let it Go” with all the furious energy a toddler’s body is able to contain.  Apparently inspiration filled her at the doctor’s office and she put on a live performance, both in the examining room and later in the waiting room.

There’s not a single shy element of her “Let it Go” rendition.  She does a fabulous flourish with her arm on one of the notes.  She stomps around in circles.  She strains to hit the high notes as loudly as possible, throwing her head all the way back for maximum dramatic effect.  She captures all of the emotion of the song with both her facial expressions and her tone.  I hear that the latest thing she’s added is a hop, always at a very precise moment in the song.

My daughter refers wryly to the song as, “The current soundtrack of my life.”  I remember my days with toddlers and I’m sure she and my son-in-law are just about as tired of “Let it Go” as they can be.  But since I don’t live with her, I never get tired of hearing or watching the little diva belting it out.

A couple of years ago the prayer ministry leader at our church got an image of/for me while praying over  me in a meeting.  It was something about me boldly dancing my silly little dance for everyone to see, and God being honored in the dance.  I knew exactly what that meant.  It’s about who I am here at the keyboard, opening up my story for anybody at all to wander along and peek into, not only not using any privacy screen to hide the clumsiness,  but celebrating it.  It’s about what I get to do when I stand up to talk to folks about how I understand Jesus and what He’s done for me, being studiously careful not to make it sound all perfect or smooth – shining a light on how good He is amongst my awkward ways.  It’s about my oversharing of one after another “Wow, God” story in personal conversations, complete with all the stuff I got wrong while He was getting it right.  Not stories of a perfect Christian – not even close! – but stories of grace and mercy and goodness beyond all reason.

This morning for whatever reason, the connection between my granddaughter’s diva performances and my silly little dance came together with a pop.  I start my day knowing that God is pleased with me pouring out what I’ve got with all my might, unembarrassed, straining to tell it as loudly as I know how and often with downright unseemly emotion – not because “I should,” but because passion requires it.  Dance, girl.  He’s watching it and loving it every bit as much as I love watching E put on her show.

Here’s the cool thing:  I’m not the exception to the rule on this point.  What’s He glad to be watching YOU do?  Where are you pouring it out with all your might?  Take a moment to listen and feel for His gladness today about that.

Don’t miss it.


  1. says:

    I love this!!!!  And I know God loves it when we throw reserve and caution to the wind when we are praising him, rejoicing in his greatness and his love for us!  I am so looking forward to heaven where I hope we will not feel embarrassed to dance at his feet, and sing with abandon.  Thank you for this glorious picture in my head this morning!

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