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Posted: February 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

I took the DISC test for the first time last night at our worship team meeting.  We each took the test in order to learn about ourselves and each other, with an eye toward how knowing this information might help us play well together (not that we don’t – this was just a fun growth exercise).  If you’ve been around here long, you know maybe that I’m all about these personality inventories.  So I was all about the test.

It measures 4 areas:

D – Dominant/Direct

I – Inspiring/Interactive

S – Supportive/Steady

C – Cautious/Careful

After we’d answered the questions and tallied our results, plotting them on a graph from very low to very high, we got to talk through the different types and we took home pages that explained in much more detail.

My “very high” was the S category – Supportive/Steady, and my “high” was I – Inspiring/Interactive.  All of this made sense to me as I listened to the various categories broken down – strengths, weaknesses, how they play in a group, etc.  Yes, I am overwhelmingly an “S,” and I could identify with the “I” pretty well too.

But then when our pastor was reading through the stuff on “C”…it suddenly wasn’t as clear to me.  Here’s the thing:  I had answered the questions thinking about how I am/who I am while doing church stuff.  But as I listened and thought, I realized the “C” category was me in spades, when it comes to work.

So this morning I Asked the Google and found the test online (we’d done it on paper last night) and I took it again, this time thinking about how I am/who I am at work.

Interestingly, while “S” is still my overwhelmingly strongest category, I am almost not registering in the “I” category AT ALL when I test that way.  And my “D” and “C” scores are both high (on the church test they were very low and low).

All of this makes sense to me.  At work, I’m about gettin’ it done.  I am about analyzing and improving or even tearing down and recreating systems.  Spreadsheets are kind of my zen zone at work.  At church (or any other part of my life, really), I’m not so much that way (though I have just very recently started applying some of my work principles to the struggle of feeling like a failure as a team leader at church, and I can feel that starting to turn around maybe a bit).  At church I’m about helping out (just like at work – it seems the key word for the “S” person is “dependable”), but otherwise my aim is all “point people to Jesus” – hence the high “I”, it seems.

I know I haven’t given you enough information here to help you guess what you are.  Hey!  If you’re interested in that, you can go here for a free 12-question test to learn more, and The Google will happily show you many pages for reading up on each type, if you’ll just ask and click around a little bit.

To the point of us doing it last night:  it’s valuable, I think, to learn this stuff.  I mean, I’m not gonna lie, the navel-gazing part is my favorite thing about it (“Tell me more about myself, please!”), but knowing about other types can help us process why people act the way they do, and then it’s easier to choose not to get offended at behaviors we’d never personally exhibit.  Easier to appreciate others for strengths or perspectives you don’t possess, you know?

As for me, for sure I’ll be reading up some more.

Oh, by the way:  HAPPY FRIDAY, all!!


  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    Thanks for the link! I am so going to go take that test!

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