what early morning offers to my willingness

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

I picked my sister up a couple of weeks ago early on a Saturday morning so we could go out for breakfast.  Ducking into her house a few minutes before 8 AM, I was greeted by my youngest niece, who was singing, grinning and bouncing in front of a kid game on a computer.

I was mortified.  I grimaced at my sister.  “We’ve got another perky morning person in our family?!”  She nodded her head mournfully, as I was recalling how our brother used to pop out of bed in the morning, bright eyed, actually smiling and ready to have animated conversations.  I always hated that.

G has done a great job, morning smiley bouncer that he is, of adapting himself to my morning mode so I don’t have to kill him.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for his willingness to live in my quiet, dark, slow-moving mode with me in the early hours.  Really, no matter how early I get up, it feels “too early” to me until at least 8 AM, and not really late enough for other people to be allowed to exist on my planet until around 10 AM.  So life is a daily negotiation for me, as you may imagine.

With all that being said, I am basically amazed at how well this waking-daily-at-3-AM gig is working out.  AMAZED.

Here’s the thing about having 4 hours between the time I turn on the bedside lamp and keep my eyes open and the time I need to arrive at my desk at work:  even without being in a hurry, I can get so much done!

Evenings are now pretty short in my life – when I get home after work, I’m down to maybe only 2 – 2 1/2 hours left before it’s time to sleep.  So that part of my day now functions more like a typical morning:  focus on getting the meal done and cleaned up, and getting ready “to go”…to bed, that is.  And it turns out that is really just fine – I tended to lose time by wasting it with lack of focus in my evenings all too often.

There’s something about my big block of time off being first thing in the morning that helps me to focus and use my time well.  I do the important things that matter.  We have usually an hour or sometimes even more just focusing on our relationship, first thing (other than on the days he starts at 5, when we only get a few minutes, but that is more than made up for on his weekends off, when that block of time can grow into maybe 3 or 4 hours – woo hoo!) Then once we’re up and going, we make those right choices that will order our life well – time for prayer, for exercise, for shared devotionals.  I get time to at least attempt to write pretty much every morning, and at this early hour, I’m not tempted to open Facebook and let my mind wander.  I’m able to remember to listen to my Bible-in-a-year page while I shower.

On mornings when G starts at 5, the block of morning-before-work gets really big, because I don’t do breakfast at home.  I sit with him while he has his breakfast very early, but I’m not ready to eat at that hour.  Instead I make my shake at the last possible minute and take it to work with me.  This means I can usually pick one project around the house and dedicate about an hour of really focused energy on it.  We’ve only been doing life this way for a month or so, but I’m making great headway on things that have tended to get way ahead of me on that front.

So even though I am decidedly not a morning person in the sense of perkiness, talkativeness, ability to tolerate light or noise or other unwelcome assaults on my senses, I AM finding that the early part of the day is a wonderful place to be.

It’s amazing, the good things one stumbles across amidst meeting life willingly on its own terms.

Now, to shut the Chromebook and get down to my nice, dark, quiet basement for a bike ride and a podcast.  Have a marvelous Monday, all!  That’s my plan!


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