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Posted: January 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you read here regularly, you might recall that back when I got my “Bike Your Butt Off” book, I was all gung-ho about continuing it through the winter.  G and I had found bike trainers online and we had a plan.  This was finally an answer to the difficulty of arthritis cancelling all of my running and most of my walking.

I didn’t really follow through with that book beyond a couple of weeks, which is a tired pattern for me.  Funds have been very tight for months now, and while I kept logging on to Amazon to scroll through the bike trainers, it just wasn’t in the budget.

Until now.

A week or two ago, we got our heads above water enough that I could order one.  It was something like $79, shipped.  We’re an Amazon Prime household, so the package arrived 2 days later.

Then we needed available time for G to get it set up for me.  That happened over his next weekend off – this past Saturday.  Here it is, all ready for action:


As you can see, the frame basically just lifts the back tire up off the floor, making the bike stationary.  There is a little clamp sort of thing applies pressure to the back tire to offer resistance (the trainer is called “magnetic” – I assume the magnetism is in that part, somehow), and there is also the little piece to put under the front tire, to stabilize it.

The thing is sturdy as heck.  I was worried about that, being the plus size girl that I am – I thought it might wobble back and forth.  But it stays still even as I awkwardly climb on and get into position.

Some of you are perhaps wondering why I don’t just go to the gym, if what I want is a stationary bike.  After all, we do have a membership, which G uses daily and I haven’t used in probably a year.  Here’s the thing:  regular stationary bikes have regular bike seats, which are acutely painful for me.  I don’t know if I’m shaped wrong or if I sit wrong – I just know that less than 5 minutes into any stationary bike ride, I feel like certain uhhh very treasured soft tissues are under assault.  I feel like stuff is getting ripped and torn.  Soon I’ll be thinking, “Am I bleeding?  It feels like I’m bleeding!”  Afterward I’ll feel bruised and chafed for days.  It is just awful.  Doing it this way, I can use my bike seat that works for me, that doesn’t even come into contact with that zone.

Besides that, I can be at home, not surrounded by people who are prettier than me, wondering how much they are judging me as I jiggle and wobble along.

So this week I’ve been riding in our basement.  I listen to podcasts as I ride, which helps the time pass faster for me than music does.  It’s a very workable solution.

The view is not exactly wonderful.  You saw all the clutter around the bike – I’ll be taking care of that on my next day off.  And here’s what I see in front of me as I ride:



I was hoping that pointing it at the stairwell would mean I’d fantasize about busting loose and just zooming right up the steps, but alas, I’m not that imaginative.  Off to the right, not viewable in the pic, is our laundry area.  I’m already having thoughts about what I might hang on that wall over to the left for nicer viewing.  I even thought about an area rug under the bike, just to make it feel nicer, but thus far that feels like a colossal waste of funds and unnecessary pressure on our budget (that little piece of cardboard under the one side is because our basement floor is a wee bit less than level right there).

For now, I’ll work with what I’ve got.  It’s awesome to have a way to work out that doesn’t mess my feet up.  Headed there now.


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