sunday dinner

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Sunday after church was my favorite time of the week at the stage of my life that was me and 3 boys in the house.  I had a rule that if you lived in my house, you had to do church somewhere on Sunday morning; the various boys fulfilled that in various ways (or made enough appearance of it to fool me) and we’d meet afterward at home, where I got to do one of my favorite things in life:  feed others.  It wasn’t only us four – they all had girlfriends and other friends, and then there were the other kids who didn’t live at my house but might as well have – they were regulars at the Sunday dinner table.  Sometimes I even had a friend or two amidst the mix, but really, just having all those kids around me was enough.

We were often too many to squeeze everyone around the table, and invariably some carried their plates off to the living room or their bedrooms, but always some stayed with me in the kitchen, and the time around the dinner table together was a thing I treasured deeply.

I call it dinner even though it was the midday meal because it was always too much for a lunch.  I don’t think we ever did “light” for those meals.  It was a groaning table.  I dirtied lots of pots and pans to make it; afterward, the kitchen would be piled high with dishes.  I made too much of everything, and there was pretty much always dessert.  While money was tight in that passage, and though most days we lived on meals made mostly of highly processed carb foods, I didn’t skimp on the meat for Sunday dinner.

I miss doing that.  When G and I moved out of our friends’ basement and into this house, we had a for-sure plan:  we would host dinner here every Sunday after church, and anyone and everyone would be invited.  We’d fill every possible sitting space in the house.  I couldn’t wait for it.  I remember that we told a lot of people of our plans, inviting them in advance.

It hasn’t worked out to do that, for many reasons, which surprised me over and over as we tried to work it out. I’m long out of the habit of cooking on that scope, and it doesn’t come as easily for me these days – I tend to get overwhelmed with trying to plan what to make, and doubly so since we’re eating so much healthier than I did back then.  The budget is a factor – food is substantially more expensive than it was back then, and again, more so because of the healthier diet.  G works every other weekend, which means two things:  I’d have no help on his weeks at work, and he’d miss part or most of the meal those days.  Also, I have at least two regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon meetings per month at church, and sometimes more.

So I’m not going to be able to reconstruct the fun of an every-Sunday after-church blowout feast at my house.  Too much works against it.  Still, I’m not ready to surrender that dream entirely, even having failed to reach it for a couple of years.  I’m hoping that this year of focus on REST will open up a way to do it once a month or something.  For sure shared meals are an important element in the RELATIONSHIP sub-theme too.  I will have to pull on last year’s themes of DISCIPLINE and INTENTION to pull it off, having proven well that it’s not going to just happen without the push.

January’s not even over yet.  Maybe I can get it together!



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