working out the kinks

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think we have arrived at a solution for getting my bike workout in amidst the schedule shift. This morning I put my bike Wilma on the bike rack on our car, securing it with my u-lock. I also packed the gym bag with an outfit and shoes that would work for biking. I also put the tire pump in the car.

After work I took it off, aired the tires (my tires need aired literally every time I ride), and rode home, taking “the long way” by going through Sunset Marina Park. I stuck as closely as I could to the book’s interval schedule – it fit the route pretty well.

The hill at 11th street and 30th avenue kicked my butt. I had to get off and push Wilma for half or maybe more than half of the hill. That discouraged me. I kept thinking how I used to be able to do the whole thing…sure it was hard, but I could do it.  Pushing her up the hill and roaring for breath, I kept thinking that there was still another hill after this one. I probably couldn’t do that one either. UGH.

But you know what? I made it to the top of that second hill. The whole way up I thought I was gonna hurl, and then on the flat part all the way to the stop sign I thought I was FOR SURE gonna hurl, no avoiding it.

But I didn’t hurl. I wobbled my way through the left turn at the intersection, taking the lane for a proper turn, and the rest of the ride home was a piece of cake.

I hurried in the house to do my core workout. Still huffing and puffing, sweat raining down from my hair, my shirt soaked clear thru with sweat. I know that was sexy on Flashdance, but I ain’t a dancer, dude.  I didn’t take time to catch my breath because G would be home in about 25 minutes and I have a strict policy of not doing my core workout in front of him, for the same reason I don’t use the toilet in front of him…the preservation of my dignity and a bit of mystery between us.

My first round of the plank was 30 seconds and the second was 20.

Both rounds of the spider were awkward and clunky due to my fatigue.

The bridge wasn’t so bad either round. If it’s that easy maybe I’m doing it wrong. Or maybe it’s time to add extending a leg during the lift.

I was only able to do 6 dips the first round and 3 the second. Everything in me was giving out. Still, I did what I could. And finished before G could walk in on me.

The only note I am making for improvement: gotta pack water in the mornings while loading everything else. I never ride without water and I did today. That was hard. Don’t want to repeat it.

  1. Laurie says:

    I think you are a specimen of athleticism exponential. No way could I do a hill; any hill; on a bike….let alone a Rock Island hill. Those are hills are degrees of grade type hills. Shaking my head in complete weak knee exhaustion as I read this. YOU my friend are very very fit. Proud of how hard you are working at increasing that fitness and cheering you on…..say it one more time – you are in a bike seat, riding up a hill in Rock Island……way to go. Way to Go!

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