weigh day and working out the challenge of working out

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

 Today was weigh day.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I have lost 4.2 pounds in the past week  apparently I am successfully navigating making this way of eating a way of life  also, I’m sure the uptake in exercise contributed to that happy number as well.

Speaking of exercise, I’m on a learning curve for how to work it in now that G’s schedule at work has changed.  This is a change we’ve waited and prayed for, as it will let him get home at night in time to participate in church stuff and we can even have people over for dinner now.  But the difference leaves me scrambling due to shifts in how we will manage household chores.

So I have only done 2 of my 3 bike workouts this week (though I did some Wii stuff too) .  Tonight I planned to bike after I picked him up, but then I was way too hungry and feeble to do so.  Had to do supper.

The thought occurs to me that I could strap the bike onto the car in the mornings and then after work do the bike immediately, and G could drive home when he gets off an hour later.  That could work for non-meeting nights.  Let’s see.


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