bike your butt off, round 2

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m finding it challenging to meet my exercise goals.

Wednesday night was my first night of the “bike your butt off” plan.

Thursday night I had a meeting at church, so there was only time to do supper before we went.  As I consider that, I can only conclude that I’m going to have to be more intentional, and plan ahead so that on days like that I can get up and do some kind of exercise at 5 AM instead of cuddle time with G, or maybe walk around the building at work on my lunch break (though I sweat so easily and so much when I move that “walking at work” is not a very good option.)

Friday night I had planned to bike, but then a friend was in crisis and I was in “paying attention and praying my guts out” mode for hours.  So instead I stayed in and made soup and did a Wii workout while I watched what was unfolding with the friend and prayed and prayed and prayed some more.

Today, I’ve got a pile of stuff I want to do that is bigger than can get done.  I did get the tomatoes from our garden properly converted to canned salsa.  I did catch up dishes and made good headway on laundry.  I did get one writing project done that has to be ready tomorrow.  I did pick up church bulletins for tomorrow and put gas in the car, which was running on fumes.  I did get just a tiny bit of housework done.  And I did sit and try hard to work on 2 other writing projects that are due by the end of the month, with very little progress.

Amidst that, I basically had to MAKE myself stop and take time for biking.  It didn’t feel like I had time.  But I’m concluding that if I stick with only exercising when if “feels” like I have time, it’s just not going to happen.  So I hauled my bike Wilma out to the bike path and did the 40 minute regimen again as described earlier this week.  I will say that the “miles per hour” estimates that I quoted are not accurate for me.  Instead, I go by the level of effort described, for each “level” of riding.  Maybe those are accurate MPH estimates for people more fit than me, people without 100 pounds of excess weight, people younger than me, people on carbon bikes and not a big hybrid road bike.  But not for me.  I think following the descriptors of effort honors the spirit of the thing, and I know that exercising is better than not exercising, and I know that interval training is a highly recommended route for weight loss, so that’s how I’m doing it.  I also have to admit that when I steam by other cyclists and pedestrians on the bike path and I am breathing so hard I’m on the verge of puking, I kind of die of embarrassment.  I shouldn’t care what strangers thing but I guess I do.  But not enough to stop the program, so there’s that.

Then I came home and did the core workout.  Happily, I found the little exercise mat I had bought a long time ago.  That helps a bit with my knees – kneeling on my knees for even a few seconds is excruciatingly painful for me and has been for many years now.  The pain is such that I expect to see big purple bruises raising from it, but that doesn’t happen thus far.  But it’s hard to do any decent kind of workout when in that level of pain.  So the mat helps a bit – still painful but better at least.  For the plank, I did 25 seconds on the first round, and 20 seconds on the 2nd.  For the spider, I used 3 pound hand weights (having found them along with the exercise mat) – I am clumsy and awkward at that exercise, but it will get better.  The bridge, I am still doing in the “easy” version.  I don’t anticipate trying the harder version for another week or two at least.  And for the dips, I did 10 for the first round, and 8 for the second round, stopping at that point because it felt like for sure if I did one more, I was gonna fall again like last time.

I also found my 8 pound kettlebell while finding all the other goodies.  I put it beside the couch – who knows, maybe I’ll so some toning stuff sometimes while watching television.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure how I’m gonna squeeze 30 minutes of exercise in – the day is really packed.  Perhaps if I keep pondering it tonight, I can work something in.

So…though it’s a struggle…I haven’t given up the fight!


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