Posted: September 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

This morning I was again overcome with gratitude that the new way I’ve learned to eat has so completely shut off the self-destructive compulsion to indulge in bad food choices and grossly overeat.  I imagine I’ll continue being stunned by the change for a long time, having been rescued from almost a lifetime of slavery to that compulsion.

The plan is for this to be a permanent change.  The challenge to that is I’ll need to come up with more variations on what I make, or it will feel like a “diet” and I’ll quit.  Toward that end, earlier this week I ordered a “Spiralizer” and it came today.  I brought it home and G washed it up while I prepped veggies.  We had an amazing supper.  It was this:

IMG_1029The chicken is just chicken – cooked in a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with black pepper.  The amazing stuff is at the back.

First in a big pot I sauteed garlic and a little red onion from our garden, in some olive oil.  Then I chopped up (also from our garden) some fresh chives, parsley, oregano, and purple basil.  After a bit, I added some chopped tomatoes from our garden, and a chopped green pepper (which would be from our garden, if the local council of wild rabbits had not made the ruling that all bell peppers are theirs and not mine.)  I let all of that cook along, trying to let as much of the liquid leave as possible.

In my iron skillet, I got about half an inch of water boiling and then I dumped in a massive pile of spiralized zucchini, made from a squash I had brought in from the garden even though I deemed it “too big” to be useful.  The spirilizer did a great job of helping me get the maximum amount of usable food out of the zucchini while working around the obnoxious core of seediness that comes with oversized squash.  I only cooked it for maybe 3 minutes or something.

Then G drained the zucchini really well, and we dumped it into the sauce and stirred a lot.

It.  Was.  AMAZING.  So good.  Such an amazing spaghetti substitute, with no carb coma or compulsion to overeat attached.

I’m excited about this new toy, and can’t wait to see how else I might use it, going forward!


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