here goes bike your butt off

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

While I want to get back to non-body-issue blogging, it ain’t happening tonight.  Here’s what’s up.

First of all, yesterday was weigh day.  Lost 2.2 pounds in the last week.  That feels nice.  It inspired me so much that I took a bit of time for a workout on the Wii (it was too rainy-ish to chance going out on the bike, I thought.)  Enjoyed the workout a lot.

Woke up this morning, then, with pain in one foot from the workout.  Darn it.  The capsaicin made it manageable, but I limped most of the day.  This is why a bike program is what I need.

So tonight I hurried home, made and ate supper just as fast as I could, and then loaded up Wilma and headed for the bike path, where I can feel safe riding, away from the traffic.

There are several elements to the “Bike Your Butt Off” or BYBO plan.

  1. Skill drills – for this first week, my skill drills are about proper pedaling, starting and stopping, and looking over my shoulder while moving.
  2. Actual bike riding – there are 4 paces, rated from 1 to 4, as follows:
    1. 1 – easy – nearly effortless pedaling, light tension in the legs, aerobic breathing, but no huffing and puffing – 8 to 12 MPH.
    2. 2 – moderate – pedaling with purpose, more (but manageable) tension in the legs, steady, heavier breathing, can still carry on short conversation, 12 – 16 MPH.
    3. 3 – hard – jamming, legs working hard, breathing hard, talking impossible, 16 – 20 MPH.
    4. 4 – max – full throttle, pedaling at full tilt, huffing and puffing, can’t keep it up long, 20 MPH+.

The deal is, this week I am to ride in intervals:

1.  Warmup – zone 1 and/or 2 – 5 minutes

2.  Steady effort – zone 2 – 5 minutes

3.  Go hard – zone 3 – 3 minutes

4.  Back down to easy – zone 1 – 2 minutes

5.  Repeat the sequence, minus the warmup, 2 more times.  Finish at the pace of your choice, for 40 minutes total.

3.  Core workout – do the moves one after another like a circuit.  Repeat.

A.  Plank – work up to 60 seconds (I did 20 seconds both rounds and nearly died.)

B.  Spider – like this, only starting on hands and knees, not pushup position – 10 to 12 rounds  (I did 12 the first time and 10 the second.)

C.  Bridge – there’s a version where you lift alternating legs, but I did the easier one, with just the lifting of the hips – 15 to 20 reps (I did 15 both rounds.)

D.  Dip – 10 to 12 reps (I did 10 the first time and then fell to the floor while doing #9 on the second round).

4.  Stretches – I’m supposed to be doing these morning or evening or both – must confess I didn’t get to them today.  There are 5 basic stretches for the week and I’m now tired of googling links, so I’ll just list them and let you guess:

A.  Figure 4

B.  Stork

C.  Windshield Wiper

D.  Cobra

E.  Prayer Pose

I’m supposed to do this 3 times per week minimum, and make sure to get in at least 30 minutes per day of exercise on the other days as well (7 days per week, though Sunday can be leisurely).

It feels ambitious to me.  Let’s see how that goes.


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