days 46 – 48 virgin diet

Posted: August 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have been away from the keyboard for a few days, due to my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary renewal of vows and reception, and all the family visiting that surrounded that.  But I have been pretty faithful to my plan.

Friday was a shake for breakfast, a beef stir fry for lunch that was heavy on the veggies with a reasonable portion of brown rice, and then supper was a bit more of a challenge, but I managed it.  We met at my folks’ house for tacos after the rehearsal that night, so I just built a kind of taco salad.  The meat wasn’t grass-fed but I had already decided not to worry about that so much.  The refried beans were stirred into the meat, and afterward I realized they probably had lard in them, so I probably shouldn’t have had them, but there weren’t so many.  I was comfortable that I stuck as close to the plan as could be managed, and the important thing was I skipped tortilla shells and chips and also the decadent variety of cheesecake choices available afterward.

Saturday was the big day.  I waited and had my shake for breakfast pretty late – something like 10:30 AM.  I took myself a salad to eat at the reception – all the usual veggies, and a can of tuna and an avocado on top.  My son was truly impressed at my giant trough of veggie goodness.  That was around 5 PM.  Because I had that along, I was able to pass up the pulled pork and coleslaw and even my cousin’s famous cupcakes.  Afterward, the family met at a local Mexican restaurant for drinks and such.  I skipped the chips and salsa. In the end, I ordered a glass of Sangria and just sipped it along slowly, only finishing about 3/4 of it (not one of those mega-bowl kind of goblets – I think I drank probably 4 or 5 ounces of wine.)  While wine is not on my plan, I had been very good about food that day, and it was a special occasion.  I feel like I did fine on that one.

Today was the opportunity to spend the day with both of my kids and their spouses, as well as my 2 grandkids, all shut up together in my daughter’s house for the day.  What a treat!  I drank a breakfast shake before I went, sometime around 9:30 AM I guess, and I put a pretty big dollop of cashew butter in it, anticipating that I might be awhile before I got to more food.

One of my great joys is cooking for my kids, so I made them a killer breakfast that wasn’t ready until probably 11:  sausage gravy and biscuits, breakfast kale, and fried taters.  I had so much fun cooking.  And then found myself perfectly at peace just sipping ice water while I sat at the table with them afterward as they enjoyed the breakfast.  Was I tempted to indulge in all of these dishes?  Oh YES.  These are some of my favorite foods.  But I’ve come so far on this science experiment diet, and this next week I do the “week 8” that I made up and added to it myself, and I didn’t want to derail that by going all the way off plan, even for a single meal.

I drank ice water all day along, and didn’t get hungry.  When I got home around 5 PM, I was good and hungry.  I ate the leftover of the beef stir fry with brown rice, and I cut up a cucumber with 2 very small tomatoes, right out of the garden, with plenty of cracked pepper.  It was a feast, and I was content (and guilt-free) afterward.

Our church is doing an all-church fast and prayer thing from 3 PM today to 3 PM Wednesday.  I always struggle about what to do when we have these, as I can’t really fast from food on my work days.  I was able to do even prolonged fasts when I did daycare in my home, but I can’t deal with even smaller ones at my office job.  I get all mentally funky when I’m fasting, and my job takes really ALL of my brain and effort when I am there.  I can’t bring half an effort, or a distracted effort, and do my job well. Sometimes I fast from Facebook or I fast suppers or something.  I’m running behind, because I’ve made no decision at this point what I am fasting from, and we’re already past the starting line.  Hmm.

So there’s your catch-up on how it’s going.  Now I’m going to spend some time reviewing all my previous entries to look for details that I have missed or forgotten, since I’m nearing the end of the experiment and the time when I will make decisions about how I’m going to eat going forward.


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