day 45 virgin diet

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hard, hard, hard to wake up this morning, despite having gone to bed at 9 PM last night.  Woke in the night a lot less, so that surely worked in my favor.  One of these days I’ll get this sleep thing worked out.

The good news is I didn’t have the additional foot pain this morning, nor the extra phlegm, and there have been no more post nasal drip traumas.  Also, I’ve continued to take careful note every morning of my feet and ankles, and there continues to be no swelling, either of the “water retention” kind, or of the “arthritis” variety.

The shake was yummy this morning, all chocolatey and made with unsweetened coconut milk (and of course some raspberries and collard greens and kale and flax seeds).  Much better than the ones I made with kefir yesterday.  Yummy.  I’m not getting tired of the shakes yet, which is good, since the author says having at least one shake meal a day is the number one belt-tightening move I can make.

Today was haircut day.  I LOVE haircut day, but I get the cut over my lunch break, which always presents a food challenge.  Today I met that challenge by stopping home to whip up another shake, which I put in an unbreakable container and took back to work with me, where I could sip it while I worked.  I had run out of raspberries, so I tossed in some cashew butter instead.  Chocolate/cashew butter flavored shake?  Oh MY.  That was like having dessert for lunch.  Glad this protein powder is not a sugary sweetened deal – guilt-free, baby!

G was off work today, and I like us to have a nice meal together on his days off – it’s so rare that we share any meal besides breakfast (though that will soon change, as his schedule is about to improve – we’ll even finally be able to have people over for dinner, a dream we’ve had for more than a year now but which has been largely impossible).  Supper tonight was this:

IMG_1013Got some steaks.  I’ve been hungry for steak, and it’s surely not a bad idea to have some, in case my iron is low.  The “eye of round” steaks were just the right size for one serving each.  I cooked them up in olive oil with garlic and a little bit of yellow onion, and sprinkled them with cracked black pepper and Mrs. Dash.

The front bowl is a “loaded sweet potato,” but not like the traditional idea of tons of butter, brown sugar, and nuts and such.  Instead, in a pan of coconut oil, I sauteed a little bit of garlic and yellow onion.  Then I added chopped purple cabbage, green bell pepper, and kale, and sauteed awhile.  I added some basil near the end.  Then I put that concoction on top of the sweet potato, and topped it with chopped avocado.  I recommend it HIGHLY.

The salad is a bed of romaine, a layer of chopped red cabbage, some green bell pepper, carrot slices, cucumber, and green olives, all topped with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Basically a feast fit for a king.  The protein was a treat, and the veggies definitely followed the good advice to “eat the rainbow” of colors.

Speaking of meat:  I’ve been hardcore about having only grass-fed/pastured/wild-caught meat, per the book.  This is partly because, being a highly compliant person, I generally try to follow plans down to the details.  The reason the book lists for this instruction is that, “You are what you eat, eats.”  I would be tempted to blow that off as total hooey except for a couple of things:

  1. My brother’s girlfriend is terribly allergic to corn.  She cannot eat animals that have eaten corn, or it will trigger her allergy.  This seems to be proof of the author’s claim.
  2. I’ve read some studies lately that indicate that grass-fed beef has far fewer problem bacteria than lot-fed stuff – whether that is because of what the cattle eat, or the dramatic difference in the way they are raised and cared for.

Still, I’m ready to blow this requirement off.  I learned that my friend who got me into this whole thing never did worry about that detail, and she still learned a lot.  I also find that eating only grass-fed, pastured, or wild-caught meat is basically eating as if money were no object, and at our house, that really is not the case.  I’ll still buy it in the cases where it’s somewhat affordable (example:  today I discovered that Aldi has grass-fed ground beef for just $6.99/pound – just a little over half what I’ve been paying at Hy-Vee) but where the cost is prohibitive, I’ll make do with what I can afford.  Principles are fabulous, but we also gotta eat AND pay the bills, you know?  So, tonight’s steaks were NOT grass-fed.  But I do have a pound of that Aldi grass-fed burger on hand for use soon.


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