day 40 virgin diet

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Within minutes after last night’s blog, I was passing out on the couch.  Around 9 I gave up and went to bed, having figured out that staying awake longer just wasn’t an option.  Slept in until 7 AM today.  Hopefully that helped.

Breakfast was a shake.  I had run out of chia seeds, but I found a big unopened container of flaxseeds in the cupboard, which are on the list for shakes.  That’s what I’ll be doing for the next week or two, as a change-up, and let G enjoy the chia seeds we bought today – he is CRAZY about those things.

We were out and about today at lunch, so I took a gigantic salad with.  Swiss chard, green bell pepper, cucumber, green olives, tomatoes, walnuts, cracked black pepper, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.  It was awesome.

Mid-afternoon, I was suddenly just out of steam.  G and I had returned home to regather and make a grocery list, and I was just melting into a puddle on my chair.  I couldn’t picture walking to the door at the store, much less walking around shopping.  Then I realized:  I hadn’t been drinking my water all day.  I had been busy, out and about, and had just flat forgotten to stay hydrated.  Oops.  I stayed planted in my chair until I had down 20 ounces, and within minutes, I was doing much better.  Duh.

I had developed a craving for something that would feel more like “normal” food to me – which is dangerous territory, since “normal” comes from an entire adult lifetime of eating stuff that has made me overweight and kept me that way.  I love the healthy food I make every day, but I was just craving something that didn’t taste so healthy, if that makes sense.

We solved that by making taco salad.  While G had his with tortilla chips and cheese and plain greek yogurt (a fabulous sour cream substitute), I made mine legal for my current eating plan.  It looked like this:

IMG_1003A nice bed of greens – romaine lettuce and spinach (I’ve wondered if my iron might be low, so several features of this salad were aimed at more iron for me).

Green bell pepper and red onion, raw.

Lots of black olives.

Pastured ground beef (I wanted steak, but there was no pastured steak to be  had) cooked with a lot of chili powder, some garlic powder, and tiny bits of cumin and cayenne pepper.

Black beans, sauteed in coconut oil, with all the same spices stirred in as the ground beef had.

Avocado and salsa.

Let me tell you:  this did NOT taste like healthy food.  It tasted like a fabulous Saturday night delight.  It tasted like “regular” food – but there was no guilt involved, and after I finished it, I was not overfilled, no acid backing up my esophagus, no bloated feeling, and thus far no gas to speak of.  I enjoyed it, and felt great, and am paying no price for it, more than an hour later.

That’s a win.

Back to drinking – I’ve got some ground to recover.


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