day 37, virgin diet

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

I forgot to mention yesterday that I DID weigh myself.  It was late when I blogged, and I had weighed in a big hurry before leaving to visit the grandkids, and I just forgot to share.  The Wii tells me that I lost six tenths of a pound in the past week.  I find it ironic that on the week that I hiked all day one day and for a good hour another day, I lost the least amount of weight that I’ve lost yet.  Good thing weight is not the center of purpose for this experiment.

Had a shake this morning.  Then I was hungry before lunch.  Then I finally realized – I’ve only been putting ONE scoop of the protein powder in my shakes in the morning.  That might be why I’ve been getting hungry.  Tomorrow I will put TWO and see if it settles my appetite a little more.  In the meantime, today I solved the problem by drinking large quantities of hot water.  Here’s the cool thing:  eating this way, even when I get hungry, I am not craving stuff.  I’m not dying for something sugary or carb-ish or whatever to satisfy the hunger.  And that continues to be weird and wonderful for me.

I came home and made this for lunch:

IMG_0989My salad was a base of romaine lettuce and kale, a layer of bell pepper, a small chopped tomato, and a handful of green olives…topped with olive oil and 2 eggs scrambled in chili-pepper infused olive oil.  A sliced cucumber and some hummus were a great complement to all that goodness.  I had a hunch that scrambled farm-grown eggs would be good on this salad, and they really were!

After work I harvested a bunch more stuff from the garden.  Then I whipped this up for supper (omiGOSH good):

IMG_0991In the back is the scrambled eggs – I didn’t feel like being creative on how to add eggs to the meal.  The star of the mal is that bowl of soup – a recipe I made up that I will call “chili style cabbage soup.”

In one pot, I put two quarts of home-canned tomatoes – one red and one yellow – from last year’s garden.  I added 4 cloves of chopped garlic, and basil, chives, cayenne pepper, chili powder, crushed red pepper, and cumin.  I let that cook its way down while I worked in another pot.  There, I cooked up a pound of grass-fed ground beef ($12.50…eek!) with one yellow onion and one red onion.  When it was fully cooked, I added a chopped bell pepper and a chopped entire head of cabbage, freshly cut from our garden, and cooked that, stirring, for awhile.  Then I stirred the two pots together and let it all cook for about 20 minutes.  Finally, I added a can of black beans, which I had rinsed, and let it heat a few more minutes.

It is sooo spicy and good.  I ended up eating celery sticks with it, bite-for-bite, to cool my mouth along the way.  I’m looking forward to more bowls of that stuff.  Oh MY.

That’s a winner.


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