day 35, virgin diet

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today was our 2nd wedding anniversary, and since G happened to have the day off, I took it off too and we made a very intentional choice to celebrate.  More about that on another blog I hope to complete tonight.  This one’s about the food and the body and such.

Woke today feeling great.  Shake for breakfast.

We went to Maquoketa Caves for the day, which meant packing both lunch and supper.  Determined to stick to the plan, I came up with the following.

Lunch was this:

IMG_0954Lettuce wraps.  The first one was pastured chicken breast with horseradish, tomatoes, and purple onions (all on romaine).  It was sooooo good.  Also had celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, green olives, and hummus on the side.
IMG_0959It was so good I needed another (plus, I needed to work toward my 10 servings of veggies for the day).  It was hummus, horseradish, bell peppers, cucumbers, and purple onions…omigosh sooooo great).

IMG_0960It was so good I needed just one more, and of course this is guilt-free food, so I went ahead and had another.  This was hummus, horseradish, green olives, bell peppers, and cucumbers.  Man, I could eat those things all day long.

I had been dying to come up with some special – but legal by the plan – “sweet treat” for the special occasion.  My idea was chia pudding.  Chocolate, to be specific.  But every recipe I could find called for either maple syrup or honey, neither of which I can have these days.  I looked and looked last night before bed, and finally gave up.  After the lights were out, though..I had an inspiration!  It doesn’t look great, but wait ’til I tell you about it!

IMG_0961Here’s what we did:  we used our juicer to make some fresh pineapple juice – about 2 cups.  Then I added about a cup of unsweetened coconut milk.  Then I dumped in 3 scoops of chia seeds, stirred thoroughly, and let it chill all morning in the well-iced cooler.  What I was going for – and accomplished! – was a “pineapple creamsicle” effect.

It worked.  It really worked.  It was fabulous.  Now…juicing is NOT something the book calls for – she explains quite clearly that juice, without the fiber of the fruit, is just too much sugar.  But I figure this solution works, because the chia is major fiber and major protein.  And I only had a very small serving – half a cup or so.  And I did it on a day when I hiked all day.  And I won’t be doing it daily.  So I feel like this treat was in line with the plan.  By the way, G loved it too.

Supper, then was this:

IMG_0987A mason jar salad with almonds and walnuts.  Dessert was an apple with almond butter, which gets to be a more and more delicious sweet treat, the longer I am off sugar.  It tasted about as decadent to me as turtle candies, today – even more powerful than the last time I had it.

Wildly successful day on the plan today.  And…G, who’s not even on the plan, enjoyed it as much as I did!


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