virgin diet, day 34

Posted: August 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Slept in again today, all the way to 7 AM.  That was an awesome treat.  Felt well-rested when I rolled out.

Overall, I’m feeling great, other than fighting the sleepies if I don’t get myself to bed by 9:30 or so.  No swelling in my fingers or wrists or feet or ankles.  Foot pain comes and goes, but is extremely manageable with the capsaicin.  I NEVER feel bloated or puffy or “bulgy” anymore.  Even when I eat a ridiculous pile of food, it’s only veggies with maybe a little lean meat and/or nuts, and so I don’t have that awful, too-full, acidic, burpish, heavy-gut sensation that I was experiencing with regularity before I started the diet.  I just don’t.

Today I had the passing thought that an ice cream bar sounded good, but that didn’t grab me by the throat.  It didn’t sit as an obsessive thought in my mind.  I didn’t CRAVE it.  And I’m so clear on what sugar does to me now that I wasn’t tempted to pick up the thought and develop a mental obsession to replace the physical compulsion.

There is a theory out there that one can eat enough vegetables to not need sunblock – that the nutrients in you make you sunburn proof, basically.  This may well work for dark-complected people, but I proved yesterday (accidentally) that it’s not true for me – spending a few hours in the car, which has no AC and thus is “windows down” mode in this warm weather, ended in me with one quite sunburnt arm.  It doesn’t hurt unless I accidentally scratch it, which I only did once.  I was even able to sleep on that side last night with no problem.

Today’s breakfast was a shake, which I was able to take fairly late (around 9) due to waking so late and then of course drinking my water and taking time to shower and such.  That’s a good strategy for managing the church schedule, on the days when I don’t need to be there at 8:30.

After church service this morning, we had baptisms at Buffalo Beach today, which is on the Mississippi River.  Everyone brought their own lunch; my own lunch was a mason jar salad with walnuts and almonds.  Sitting in the shade enjoying all that veggie and nut goodness with my church family was the perfect Sunday lunch.

Tonight, amidst a run of canning dill pickles, I threw together a nice salad of cucumbers, green bell peppers, tomatoes, romaine, green olives, and wild-caught salmon, all with red wine vinegar and olive oil and cracked pepper on top.  It was to die for.

There is no deprivation in my life, doing this diet.  I am satisfied physically and at peace emotionally.  I don’t struggle with shame about what I eat, including I am not embarrassed about how ridiculously huge my veggie meals are.  I don’t have resentments about what others can eat.  As I’ve said a million times, I don’t crave.  Anything.  Ever.

I wish I had found this way 20 years ago.


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