virgin diet day 33

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Caught up on my sleep deficit, first by surrendering and going to bed last night when I just couldn’t stay awake no matter how hard I tried, and then by sleeping until after the sun came up, and then by going back to sleep after a little cuddle time for another hour or so.  That felt great.

Food was a challenge today, as I was having a “gadabout” day.  How I handled that was:

Since I slept so late, by the time I drank my water and showered and got ready, it was nearly 10 AM before I had my breakfast shake.

While making my breakfast shake, I filled a to-go drink container with the coconut milk and pureed kale and pureed blueberries for a second shake, and filled a little plastic tub with chia seeds and shake mix.  Took that with me and shook it together while I was on the road in the afternoon for lunch.

By supper time, I was at my daughter’s house, and happily she still had some of the mason jar salads left that I had made her last weekend. I had one of those, with almonds added.  She also had some frozen collard greens, which I sauteed with garlic, onion powder, and cumin in olive oil.  It was a great supper.

I also got a bit of exercise today, as I took a friend with me to Wildcat Den State Park, near Muscatine, Iowa.  We hiked some trails, and while we did a bit of easy stuff, we also scaled some pretty steep hills among the rocks.  We couldn’t do it for long, since my left foot started complaining, but we did enough of it that my hair was literally dripping with sweat by the time we returned to the car.  It was a fun way to get some exercise.


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