virgin diet day 31

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I woke up easily this morning, and then later after I got to work, I had a terrible attack of the tireds.  Since I didn’t commit any diet violations, and I cannot imagine that eating soy at supper could make me tired at 9 AM the following day, I am going to assume that tiredness was due to staying up too late last night.  Of course, I’m tracking to be up that late again tonight, so that doesn’t bode well for tomorrow…but we’ll see.

I thought I maybe might have perhaps perceived the tiniest bit of swelling in my left foot this morning – the “water retention” kind, not the “arthritis” kind.  If there was swelling, it was very, very little – enough that I kept looking and questioning myself.  That could have been from the soy, maybe, if it even WAS swelling.  But then again, it could have been the sodium in the tamari sauce, I presume.  I am realizing just now that it was a mistake to use tamari sauce again tonight, because now I STILL won’t know, in the morning, if there happens to be any swelling, whether it was the soy, or just the sodium.  Ergh.

This morning was a shake as always.

Lunch was a challenge, since I had a lunch meeting at work, at which lunch was served to us.  Ahead of time, I made my requests, and our culinary staff was very accommodating, customizing my grilled salmon salad exactly to suit me (no dressing, no croutons, add olives, and they tossed on tomatoes and red onions too, and some lemon wedges to squeeze over the whole thing).  It was DELICIOUS.

What was hard was passing up the soup that came in – I LOVE the soup from our kitchen at work.  And then dessert came around.  It was far easier to pass up than I’d have ever guessed, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some pangs of desire as my boss dipped into his little warm dish of peach cobbler beside me.  The other difficulty was this:  I eat SO MUCH FOOD when I make my own meals.  I mean, it’s a pile of veggies, but it’s huge.  The salad was nice, but I was hungry by 3 PM, and I hadn’t made a plan for a snack, so I just drank hot water all afternoon to tide me over.  So I was good and hungry by the time I got home for supper.  But I did it, you know?  I did it.  No falling off the wagon, even when hungry.  Hooray!

I had a meeting at church tonight, so I had to hustle for supper.  So I did another boca burger wrap – 2 boca burgers, a small sliced tomato, a small sliced olive, and a bit of purple onion, all wrapped up in lettuce.  Today, instead of adding salsa, I cooked the boca burgers in chili-pepper infused olive oil.  That was nice.  I also had a small dish of quinoa with a lot of tamari sauce (oh, how I adore soy sauce…but you know that, right?).  And a big salad – mesclun mix and cucumber from the garden, with red wine vinegar and olive oil and black pepper on top.

I don’t have pictures of any of it, though – was hurrying too much to do so.  Sorry!

Tomorrow is my last day of testing soy.  Better go figure out what I’m doing for that.


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