day 28 – virgin diet

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m quite curious to see what the scale is going to say tomorrow night – while I’m still not focusing on doing this for weight loss, I can’t help but notice that I am back one notch bigger on my belt.  So maybe I won’t have lost, or maybe I will have gained.  All of which will just confirm for me that gluten or carbs or whatever are not a good idea for me at this juncture.  But I’ll report further on that tomorrow night, which is weighing night.

Breakfast today was a shake as usual.

Some of us took my boss out for lunch today to celebrate his 10th anniversary with our organization.  This provided a challenge for me – how to order out at a regular restaurant.  We went to Bennigan’s.  What I ended up getting was a salmon plate.  It came with rice pilaf and broccoli, so I canceled the rice pilaf (I’m sure it probably had white rice and also butter and possibly the spice mix could have had gluten in it) and I made sure to confirm that they could do my broccoli with no butter.  I also ordered a side salad.  I had debated between that and a caesar salad – either way it had to be ordered special, you know?  In the end, a “garden” salad sounded like it would have better variety, since by the time I take out everything I can’t have in a caesar salad, it’s just a bowl of romaine.  So I asked for the side salad, with no dressing, but lemon wedges instead.  Then it came – with croutons and shredded cheese.  Oops.  Took me quite a bit of time and effort to pick off first the croutons (easy) and then the shredded cheese (ergh).  Next time I’ll just ask for the bowl of romaine.  Anyway it was a good meal, though I think the ratio of meat to veggies was off.  I made up for that with a mega veggie supper, which looked like this:

IMG_0902You can’t see the base, which was a ton of kale and a lot of chopped cabbage.  There were also a (very) few tomatoes and 2 whole lemon cucumbers (crazy little guys that look like yellow baseballs but taste just like green cucumbers).  And green olives, and wild-caught albacore tuna, and walnuts.  I topped it off with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and cracked pepper.  It was to die for.

I’m sorry to talk about my feet yet again, but I keep being amazed every morning that they are not swollen.  Also, the pain is back under control, with the help of capsaicin used daily.  I’m starting to suspect that this diet is helping to alleviate some of the arthritis pain in my feet.

That’s an exciting prospect.


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