day 22 virgin diet

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Felt pretty good this morning – not hard to get up and face a Monday.  Now, in fairness, that might have been my diet, but it also might have been the fact that this is the only day I am working this week!  I’m home for a “staycation” for the remainder of this, the week my grandson will be born.

My happy surprise this morning was:  my belt went yet another notch tighter.  Not gonna lie…that made my heart bounce.  I mean, I KNOW I’m shrinking.  I can feel it.  When I sit, there is much less tummy bulging around.  When I stand, my belly and others among my least favorite parts of me are clearly occupying less space.  So, I know.  Still:  a new notch on the belt?  HECK yeah!  I’m curious now, what tomorrow’s weight will look like, since the first belt notch smaller was 8 pounds and the second one was 1.3 pounds.  Seems like it’s anybody’s guess.

I’m also happy to report that thus far eating that beef burger last night doesn’t seem to have added any gout-ish pain to my toes.  Just to play it safe today, I skipped meat altogether.  Had a shake for breakfast and also took one for lunch as well (I figured if I’m only gonna show up one day this week for work, I should stay at my desk and stay busy all day – no hour-long lunch break needed today).

Supper was this:

IMG_0888The white bowl is quinoa (to which I added some coconut oil as I cooked it) and sugar snap peas that I still had in the freezer from last year’s garden – I sauteed those in chili-infused olive oil, and it was just the right amount of hot-spicy to be fun but not painful.  I kept that small, because both the quinoa and (I’m presuming) the sugar snap peas are on the high-fiber, low glycemic carbs list, which I need to control and eat less of than the nonstarchy vegetables.  There is a certain comfort for me in hot foot that I just don’t get from cold foots; this little bowl of goodness did that for me.

The green bowl is romaine, cabbage, (very few) carrots, (very few) tomatoes, cucumbers (from my garden – both regular and “lemon” peppers, which are yellow and perfectly little spheres – how fun), sweet peppers, green olives, chickpeas (oops those are on the same list as the quinoa), almonds, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and cracked pepper.

I don’t know…between the quinoa, the sugar snap peas, the carrots, the tomatoes, and the chickpeas, I’m realizing I ate more than I meant to from the high-fiber, low glycemic carbs list.  If you’re wondering how I work this out, here is the “plate” I am to build at each meal:


Now perhaps you understand why I’m always adding various good oils, avocado, or olives to the stuff i make – that healthy fats section is surprisingly big, isn’t it?  But the carbs section is, I think, smaller than what I allowed tonight.

Ah well.  I will simply make a note to myself to slow down and think a bit more before I fill the plate/bowl next time.  Totally solvable problem.  And it’s not like I ate “badly” tonight – I think maybe I just got my proportions slightly out of whack.

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    These meals look amazing! Can I hire you to be my chef!

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