day 18 virgin diet

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Report of how I felt this morning:  kind of tired and a little achy.  But better rested than some of the recent mornings, for sure.  Feet still in some pain, the left more than the right, but not excruciating.  I had bought some Aleve to deal with the pain, but it is down to a level where I don’t feel the need to treat it.

The chai-flavored shake mix turns out to be just fine.  I mean – it’s not CHOCOLATE, and I loves me some chocolate, but it’s quite palatable and I’ll be able to drink it without difficulty.  My plan is next payday to order another bag, chocolate flavor, and then I can mix them to make it a happier proposition.  But drinking the straight chai flavored was no hardship.  I had my usual kale and also some blueberries in it this morning – I find of all the berries I’ve tried tossing in, blueberries are best at making it sweeter without making it “berry flavored.”

I’m figuring out what will and won’t work for ordering lunches in the Bistro at work.  I feel bad, because I have to give these very specific orders about all the things they need to leave off of my salads, but thus far people are nice and the cooks are giving it to me just like I like it.  I did have one wrinkle today – I ordered a greek salad, no cheese, no croutons, no dressing, and I asked for lemon wedges to use as “dressing.”  Then it came with capers.  I don’t remember if it usually has capers.  Now:  I LOVE CAPERS.  I was delighted, and devoured them.  And then afterward wondered – are capers a place where gluten hides?  I found websites for capers that are for sure gluten free, but I also found a list of gluten foods, and apparently at least some capers have gluten.  Hmm.  I am set to test for gluten intolerances in 4 more days.  So I think I’m gonna drive on like all is well and hope for the best.  I don’t expect to encounter gluten difficulties anyway, since some months ago I did go 30 days without gluten and experienced no difficulties or reactions when I went back to gluten.

Supper tonight was this:

IMG_0886Big salad – romaine lettuce, shredded cabbage, half a roma tomato, and some sweet red peppers with sesame oil, red wine vinegar, and cracked pepper on top.

Cucumber salad – with kalamata and green olives, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and cracked pepper.  That was a leftover, and even yummier the second time around.

An apple with almond butter (whose only ingredient was almonds).

Yummy stuff.  Eating 10 servings per day of vegetables and fruit takes serious effort, and with doing so much of it raw, it is a lot of crunchy chewing.  Can’t hurry through that.  And it really takes all of my attention – it’s not a multi-tasking thing.  It’s not like downing a Big Mac meal in a few bites while driving from one meeting to another, that’s for sure, nor even like accidentally eating half a bag of tortilla chips because the homemade salsa is good.   This requires me to be fully present for the meal, which seems like a positive development.

I’m noticing that I not only feel better, I LOOK better.  My skin is clearer and not so old-lady looking.  My complexion has more color.  But then, how could I NOT look better, while pumping my system full of veggies and vast amounts of water, and not bombing it with toxins, eh?

Bring on the weekend.  Blessings, y’all.


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