day 17 virgin diet

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I went to bed early last night as planned.  Well, okay…actually G came in and sat on the bed with me and there we were talking, and so it was a few minutes after 9 when I turned in, not 8:30 (he’s just so darn fun to talk to!) but still, it was early.

Woke pretty well rested.  Score.  Hurrying to get this blog done now so that I can turn in early again tonight, as my body is telling me to do that.  The only diet note I’ll make from today is:  I stuck to the plan.  🙂

Still had foot pain this morning, but not to the extent of pulling involuntary whimpers out of me, so that was progress.  It slowly got better throughout the course of the day and I can happily report that the pain is substantially reduced, here at bedtime.

Other things I’m noting:  I’m not having that post nasal drip chokey coughing thing happening nearly as much lately.  I am getting more done, both at work and at home – I think that’s partly because I feel more accomplished and thus more motivated, but it might also be some added physical clarity.  I haven’t had any of that tummy distress that I had been experiencing with increasing frequency before I started this diet.  My fingers haven’t swelled up and made my wedding rings get stuck on my hand since the change.  I continue to feel less and less “bulgy” and more like I fit comfortably inside of the vessel that is my body.  My belly feels less heavy.  And the complete and utter lack of cravings is just mind blowing to me.  Tonight I ate dinner at my daughter’s house, and she made tacos.  I love tacos more than almost anything.  But I had taken my food and I just made it and ate it, and while I remembered that I like tacos, the idea of varying from the planned diet did not appeal to me at all.  How cool and crazy is THAT?!

I had ordered more shake mix, since my bag is nearly gone.  I did it on my iPhone, with the “one click” option on Amazon, by going to my most recent order and then just clicking to order again.  It came today.  It is not chocolate flavored, but chai.  Ummm.  No more chocolate shake for breakfast?!  Wah!!  And while I love chai in general, when I think of it vs. chocolate…well, there is just no contest.  DARN IT.  There is not time to send the bag back and get the right stuff, so i will just open it and give it a try with an open mind.  Perhaps it will be wonderful.  That’s possible!

A young friend messaged me today.  He’s lost just shy of 100 pounds in just over 6 months.  It sounds like he did it by cutting sugar and carbs.  Of course he’s male and I’ve got 20+ years on him, so there is no reason to assume that I’ll have results anything like his.  Still, it was encouraging.  He noted that working out has been an important part of the weight loss.  Yeah, I know.  A nagging voice inside has been reminding me that I have a monthly gym membership.  G uses his most days, but I avoid that place like the plague.  But you know, I COULD go and lift, even when my feet aren’t cooperating.  I have studied enough to understand that lifting is a great thing to do, not just for weight loss, but for general health.

Darn it.  I don’t want to do that.  Let’s see which side wins this battle.

  1. laurie says:

    I am right there with you on the pain and food battle……..then there is working out. I encourage you to follow the lead thought of lifting and/or yoga, swimming. Swimming in that you do your own water aerobics with the bar bell things for water, or rubber balls. While waiting for plantar footie-it is to subside, those were the things I tried to do for movement. I understand the reluctance in being in a gym, but the warrior in the gym is not the skinny, fit, flexible, hopping all around one…… my opinion and I would think most logical folks – it is the one who is the exact opposite of the above description – in the gym regaining their health………doing it no matter what. Can you find a partner/gal pal to go work out with? That has also been beneficial to keep the mental war and lies we feed into our heads about gym presence.

    Thank you for sharing this blog. I am learning and joined the battle again – day 4 of South Beach Diet – sounds like what your friend is on – cut bad bad carbs, sugar, processed food. Basically veggies and good protein. I am in major withdrawal from the carbs and junk food……..but I feel better each day and less pain that I am sure the sugar is the cause of. My first cheat day is 8/15/15 and I am already planning for that, what I want to cheat with, small amount due to the fact by then my body may really revolt to my plan.

    Thankyou K!!

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