day 16 virgin diet

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today was a rough day from the start.  I had felt like I should go to bed early last night, but then I was enjoying being with G so much that I was up until 9:40, which is only 20 to 50 minutes earlier than the usual bedtime.  I should have listened to that instinct; between that and a strange “working dream” about helping to steal a truck, of all things, I woke up exhausted at the 4:30 alarm.  Hard to wake up, and I entered the day feeling subdued.

On top of that, my left foot was throbbing when I awoke, and didn’t even start to let up until around 10 AM.  The pain has continued all day without a break, though some hours it has been less than others.  I’m currently measuring my foot pain in “I can’t walk without a limp” or “I can walk without a limp” standards, with the understanding that there is never an absence of pain.

Also, I had some pretty good PMS going on.  I didn’t realize it in the early morning – I thought it was just fatigue and pain.  But when I got to work, suddenly I was a sensory disaster.  Nose dripping relentlessly, eyes watering non-stop, nose and eyeballs itching like crazy.  I rubbed and rubbed and that’s what eventually caught my attention enough to know it was PMS – the spastic rubbing of the itch that brought no relief at all.  I’m currently not taking the supplement that helps my PMS, because I have not yet properly investigated whether it might have any ingredients that conflict with my science experiment diet.  Today, I felt the cost of that deeply.

And then, I had a pretty fierce attack of the yawns that just would not quit, for like an hour or something.

And when I tried to sit on my exercise ball, my hip kept going out and my leg kept going to sleep, so I gave up and sat in the office chair.

Did I mention it was a hard day?!  Thank God the difficulty was mostly only physical.

Still, I stuck to the eating plan, with a shake for breakfast, leftovers from last night’s supper for lunch, and a big veggie/salmon salad, a nice cucumber/olive salad, and half a sweet potato with almonds for supper.  No new photos, as you’ve seen all that stuff by now.  And I stuck to the water plan as well, faithfully sipping hot water all day as I worked along.

I’ve been reading ahead for next week.  Starting Tuesday, I will test my body’s reaction to gluten.  This does NOT mean I have free access to all the gluten products I want.  The author is very clear that I need to use high-quality, whole-grain products, and just eat one helping at a meal of that while sticking to the rest of the diet as I have been doing.  She put recipes in the book, but since I’m currently adapting to what I have in the house and in the garden, I’m not going to sweat that.  I will make something up.  And today I picked up the products I will use for that experiment.  But I’ll explain all of that better when the time gets nearer.

I also discovered, upon further reading of the earlier parts of the book, that I’m to be including one shake per day throughout the entirety of the 7 week experiment.  I feel a little skeptical about that – why do I need a shake to replace the wonderful balance of foods she has me eating?  However, the shakes ARE convenient, and drinking a shake is for sure cheaper than coming up with these kinds of meals, so I ponied up another $80 for another big bag of shake mix that will be enough to last me the remainder of the time, I think.

I just realized, as I pulled out my calendar to see what that will run me into, that I’ll still be doing this diet at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary renewal of vows and reception on August 29. I’ll be within 2 days of finishing it, but I’ll still be inside the 7 week window.  And my cousin is making the cake or cupcakes or whatever. And her stuff is like a dream.  Huh. Wonder what I’ll do about that?

I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Meanwhile, I am headed for bed by 8:30 tonight, at the latest, in order to try and avoid another morning like I just had.


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