day 15 virgin diet

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Report of how I felt this morning:  woke up with a lot of foot pain.  A LOT.  Didn’t even consider getting up to exercise.  Several times at breakfast I sucked in my breath as pain pulsed through my left foot.  That never got better today.  I put the capsaicin on, and I felt it doing it’s burning-hot thing, but my foot still hurt like the dickens.  At various times through the day, it felt like the bones in my foot had expanded to the point that they might split my skin, though a visual inspection revealed no swelling at all – my feet are still shockingly normal looking, as they have been all week (something I’ve not yet gotten used to, so it gives me a thrill of delight each time I look down and notice they are not all swollen).

It rained a lot today and stayed muggy after.  So I’m thinking my foot pain is maybe weather-related. Time will tell.  Documenting it here, anyway.  Tonight I am sitting and resting, because putting any weight on my foot at all feels like a serious mistake.

Breakfast was a shake.  I had lunch all figured out.  I went with my daughter to her ultrasound today (the baby is due within days!) and so on the way back from that, I stopped home and just made another shake to take to work.  The plan was to sip it while I worked, since I had used my lunch break for the ultrasound.

I put the shake in a quart mason jar, as usual, and screwed a plastic lid on it.

When I got to work, I was strolling in a happy daze down the hall, carrying the jar by the lid, when I turned a corner and – SMACK – the jar hit the handrail, and instantly shattered upon impact.  Green shake went everywhere.  G happened to be in the hall when it happened, so he stopped and guarded the area while I went to call housekeeping to clean up my mess.  Ugh.

That left me with the dilemma of what to do for lunch.  I didn’t feel like I could justify another trip out to go home to make another shake.  Fortunately, I’d been thinking through what to eat from our Bistro at work (which is one of my favorite places to eat)  I ended up ordering a blackened salmon salad (romaine, purple onion, tomato, and salmon) with no dressing or croutons.  I asked them to drizzle on some olive oil if they had it (I don’t know if they did or not) and I asked for a lemon wedge – and got 2.  That worked great for adding flavor without taking a chance that there might well be gluten in the salad dressing.  I also ordered a plain baked sweet potato.  So that menu fit the bill really well, other than there were no nuts.  I took the food to my desk and ate while I worked, which meant I wasn’t thinking of the blog and didn’t get a photo of that gorgeous salad.

My plan is to keep containers of nuts and of vinegar and oil in my office for the future, so that I can take those items with me and order that combination again, when I need to.  There is probably more I can eat there, but for now, this one is a safe bet.

Supper was this:

IMG_0884A very small serving of quinoa (my carb for the meal) along with almonds, cabbage, onions, garlic, and red bell pepper sauteed in basil-flavored olive oil, with salt and cracked pepper on top.  And cucumber with green and kalamata olives and olive oil, with salt and cracked pepper on top.  It was MARVELOUS.

Tonight was weigh-in night.  The Wii tells me I lost 1.3 pounds since this time last week.  Isn’t that funny?  The first week, I lost 8 pounds, and that was a single notch smaller on my belt, and this week, I lost 1.3 pounds, and THAT, too, was a single notch smaller on my belt.  Try and figure that out.

Happily, though, numbers are not my focus here – not the pounds, nor the inches.  Do I still find this diet is working great for me?  Yes I do.  It is very easy to keep on trucking, at this point.


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