days 12 and 13 virgin diet

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Though I failed to blog yesterday, I did stay on track with the diet.  Yesterday, my niece got married.  It was a really nice day, but it definitely played havoc on my schedule.

First of all, I slept in until 9 AM, because I could, and I knew that today there’d be no sleeping in.  By the time I got out of the shower and G made a trip to the garden to cut greens for me and then a trip to the grocery store for more coconut milk (oh, the woes of the day after payday!) it was 10 AM when I had my breakfast shake.

My orders were to be at the church at 12:30, to help with setup.  I had a bit of angst about how to manage, but in the end, it was easy:

  • I took my huge water bottle with and carried it with me everywhere to remind myself to drink throughout the day.
  • I put coconut milk and kale in the blender, and carted that along in a quart mason jar with a screw-on lid, and then put shake mix and chia seeds in a little plastic sealed container.  Easy enough to shake them together around 2 for lunch on the go.  Different consistency shake than what I make in the blender with ice cubes, but it was good and it worked.
  • I made a huge veggie salad and a smaller cucumber/olive oil/avocado salad and took those, along with a little container of nuts, a can of wild-caught salmon, and a container of red wine vinegar and olive oil.  I stuck it in the church fridge, and at the reception while everyone else was having pulled pork and various salads and wedding cake, I enjoyed my way unhurriedly through all of that.  I didn’t even envy the cake, though it seemed to be red velvet, which is something I tend to enjoy.
  • Then I came home and drank a ton more of water.

Overall, a success.

Today brought another challenge – it was church once again, and once again we were responsible to open the church early, and to stay until the last person had left.  As mentioned last week, this pushes my maximum of 6 hours between meals.  In addition, the newlyweds wanted to stop and do lunch with us on their way home from their overnight honeymoon.

G and I discussed for awhile where we might go “out” with them.  What could I eat?  I had a few ideas, but it all seemed just hard.  As we struggled with what to do, I finally decided just to make lunch here.  That way we could all eat like kings, and I wouldn’t be struggling with menu questions, and we’d save money to boot.

So when we got home last night, we stopped along the way for supplies. Then came home and made a huge salad, a big cucumber/olive/avocado salad, and cut up a cantaloupe, and baked a bunch of sweet potatoes.  We also started some chicken thawing.  This morning as we got ready for church, I stopped for a few minutes to peel the potatoes and cut them in sections.

All of this made getting lunch on the table fairly quickly a manageable thing.  We were probably starting to eat around the same time we’d have started if we had taken the time to choose and drive to a restaurant, wait to be seated, wait to be waited on, and wait for our food to come.  And…we have leftovers!  Bonus.

It was a good thing that lunch was quick to make, because as we rolled home around 1:20 PM, I could feel that my blood sugar had crashed.  The cranky was escalating moment by moment in me, and thankfully I’ve lived long enough and paid enough attention to understand it as a nutrition issue and not just that everything is actually annoying.  So I was able to choose to be nice and also to warn G about my blood sugar crash, so that he could understand who he was dealing with.

Supper was lunch leftovers.  It was great the second time around as well.

I’m still feeling great.  Still craving  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  A friend wondered aloud today if it was my mindset, but I don’t think so.  I went into this science experiment filled with dread and loathing.  I did not enter with a good attitude, but still I brought my willingness.  I expected to be cranky and filled with craving for 3 to 5 days, and that didn’t happen AT ALL.  And it continues to not happen.

This afternoon, I dished up bowls of Whitey’s ice cream for G and our guests.  It didn’t bother me, dishing it up.  It didn’t bother me, pouring myself a big jar of hot water and sitting down to drink it while they ate.  G was looking at my with sorrowful sympathy, feeling so bad that I was missing ice cream, and that only made me chuckle.  I just don’t care about it.

I believe 100% that this is the effect of being off of sugar.  Eating sugar makes the body want more sugar.  That’s a simple and established fact.  I’ve known that for a long time, but I’ve never tested it so thoroughly.  I don’t want sugar.  In fact, yesterday when I was stirring up lemonade at my niece’s wedding, and the lemonade powder drifted through the air as I scooped and made my mouth taste sweet…I closed my mouth, to make it stop.

G and I watched “Fed Up” on Netflix Friday night.  A very supportive coworker had asked me if I’d seen it, and I was sure I had, but then the more I thought about it, I thought not.  I hadn’t.  It’s a really great documentary, one of the points of which is that sugar is poison.

For me, sugar is for sure poison.  I see that clearly already by the change in the way my body talks to me, when I am off of it.  My prayer partner (the lady who pushed me into this experiment) assures me that she has tested, and if I try sugar again, it will create the same craving for more.  Cleansing my body is not curing me of the effect of sugar.

I’m curious what else I might find out affects me.  But even if I learn not one other thing from this experiment, coming to truly understand how sugar has been hijacking my brain, turning up my impulses, and shutting of my ability to resist has been fully worth it.

Fully worth it.


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