day 9 virgin diet

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

After all that garden work last night, my legs were on the brink of “charlie horses” all evening.  When I would move, the spasm would try to happen, and then I’d lift my toes as high as I could to prevent it.  This tends to happen after I’ve exercised or done some kind of physical labor late in the day.  Happily, I dodged that bullet.

Good night of sleep, and woke fairly well-rested.  It is so fun and strange every morning, after my shower, to look down at my feet and see that they no longer look like they were drawn by a small child.  While the arthritis bumps and their related inflammation are fairly new over the last few years, the other swelling is not – that’s been way more than 10 years, that one or both feet and ankles and sometimes clear up into the knees get all swollen and puffy and distorted.  Sometimes when I wear socks, the area below the sock line on my ankle might be squeezed into maybe an inch smaller around than the area above.  This distortion can last for alarmingly long after the socks come off.  All of that really bothers me, as I learned at an IED training once that it’s a sign of the heart not being able to properly circulate or something like that – and heart problems run in my family.  So it’s extra nice to see that swelling just…gone.  For that reason alone this diet is a total winner in my book.

Had a shake for breakfast per usual.  On my way home for lunch, I decided I couldn’t face another shake.  I needed FOOD.  Lunch was:

IMG_0862Lean, clean protein – wild-caught albacore tuna

Nonstarchy vegetables –  cucumber, lettuce, purple cabbage

Healthy fats – avocado, olive oil, olives

High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs – small roma tomato

Nuts – handful of almonds

That is a lot of food to chew on a one-hour lunch break that includes driving home and driving back and preparing the food.  LOL

Supper when I got home was this:

IMG_0880Clean, lean protein – lamb

Nonstarchy vegetables – broccoli, zucchini, garlic, cucumber

Healthy fats –  olives, and the meat and the zucchini are cooked in olive oil, and I added a bit of coconut oil to the broccoli after I steamed it.

High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs – half a roma tomato in the zucchini dish, and half a sweet potato for dessert

Nuts – a few almonds, which were extra yummy as alternating bites between the sweet potato bites.

It’s been a yummy day.  🙂


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