day 6 virgin diet

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Didn’t sleep well last night, which was partly pain-related (but mostly just stuff that I think I can attribute to our need for a new mattress), and partly just excitement from my basement cleaning and organization project (yeah, I can actually get excited enough amidst a cleaning project to lose sleep!)  Woke this morning surprisingly well-rested anyway.

Remembered my water in the morning.  Whew.

Today’s dilemma was the church schedule.  My meals are to be 4 to 6 hours apart, without snacks between.  I needed to be at church at 8, which meant breakfast at 7.  I needed to be the last one to leave afterward, which meant 1 PM.  I was a bit worried about how I’d do in between – sometimes I take a snack to tide me over.  The book DOES allow for a snack in such a case and I considered an apple and some almond butter, but decided to just see how I fared.

It seemed like a safe bet, based on the last week of experience, and it was.  I am just AMAZED at the lack of cravings I’ve experienced in six days of this diet.  I had warned G in advance that I expected sugar cravings to leave me cranky for the first 3 to 5 days – both experience told me so, and the book indicated that many people trying the diet are big crybabies for the that period.  The author says that’s a good sign – it shows that there is a food intolerance issue.

I’ve had no cravings.  This is STRANGE for me.  I am generally a walking food craving.  I wake up craving stuff, I crave stuff between meals, I crave stuff in the evenings.  I always crave.  I am a walking appetite, other than when I am overstuffed (and even then, I will eat something if it’s a yummy enough something.)  This is who I almost always am.  But since starting this science experiment of a diet, that is not so.  I do my meals and then I’m fine.  I don’t long for sweet stuff, or salty stuff, or crunchy stuff, or frozen stuff, or comfort carbs.  I am fine drinking water between meals.  Times of days and locations that generally trigger me…just don’t.  I am absolutely content.  I mean, I guess I did start wanting soup, but even that wasn’t an, “I need this NOW” deal.  It was just a general longing for something warm, and I was easily able to wait until I could get it together, and didn’t feel deprived while I waited.  I’m assuming this drastic change indicates how badly something that I’m not eating now triggers me when I do eat it.  I’m guessing that something is sugar, but we will see.

All that being said, by the time I got home from church, I was seriously hungry.  I did the usual shake for lunch and I was so hungry that it didn’t even leave me full.  It took the edge off of my appetite, though, and it turned out that was enough to tide me over until supper (with plenty of water all afternoon).

Supper was this:

IMG_0858 (1)I made that soup I was craving, starting with a recipe from the book and adapting it for what I had on hand.  And invented a salad.

Lean, clean protein:  pastured chicken breast (QC peeps – I found this at QC Food Hub, in Davenport, in the Freight House Market area – cost me $8 for 2 small chicken breasts, but I did find it)

Non-starchy vegetables: cabbage, garlic, celery (all in the soup), and a whole cucumber (in the salad)

Healthy fats:  a bit of olive oil in the soup, and an avocado and olives in the salad (I also added vinegar to it as well, just for yumminess)

High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs:  lentils in the soup

Nuts:  a handful of nuts

I still have 3 more (big) bowls of soup left, which I’m looking forward to enjoying.

It’s a win!


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