day 4 virgin diet

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Report of how I felt when I woke up this morning:  Well, before I can even start on morning, I have to mention the night, during which I woke many times to choke on post nasal drip or drainage or whatever, and had a ton of pain in not only my feet but also my legs and hips, and then on top of it all, a stabbing ear pain woke me repeatedly in the night.  So, suffice it to say:  I woke up tired.  My eyes weren’t even open yet before I decided I would see a doctor.  I was tired enough that when we got to the urgent care center at 7:30 and learned the new hours start at 8 (ugh), I retreated to the car and slept HARD – like, drooling down my chin hard – until G woke me to go in.

I learned that I don’t have an ear infection, but a sinus infection.  The doctor noted a tremendous amount of pressure.  “Doesn’t your head hurt?” she asked while pressing on my face.  It didn’t.  But I was glad for an answer.

Around 10 AM the earache started to just throb and stab, and around 10:15 the headache set in.  A few minutes after 11 I saw that the pharmacy had called and I knew that meant my antibiotics were ready.  I left work to pick it up, and used my lunch break to gulp down my shake and get 30 minutes of sleep – again – I slept like a rock.  But then, if this is a sinus infection, well then, the post nasal drip thing has probably been a symptom of that, and that’s been different/worse for about a week.  No wonder I’m tired, if my body has been fighting an infection for a week.

Today’s shakes were the same as the other days, except that I used strawberries at breakfast instead of blueberries, and went without fruit for the lunch one.  More and more greens.  Let’s just say:  my digestion gets more ummm comfortable and satisfying, the more greens I pack into those shakes.

Here was supper:


Lean, clean protein:  a handful of shrimp

Non-starchy vegetables:  cabbage, an entire onion, garlic, celery, red bell pepper – I also had a separate bowl that was an entire package of frozen asparagus, steamed to perfection, no butter or seasoning needed for that to be delish

Healthy fats:  cooked the veggies and shrimp in olive oil; the rice was toasted with coconut oil before being boiled

High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs:  about 1/3 of a cup of brown rice

Nuts:  I finally remembered, and threw some whole almonds in the veggie/shrimp dish

I was a little worried about how this would come out, since in my opinion it just BEGS for soy sauce (which happens to be one of my favorite foods on earth), but it turned out that a little salt and pepper made the mingled flavors of the veggies and shrimp just POP.  It was absolutely to die for.

Now, me and my tired body with its many aches and pains are gonna go sleep.  I think I’ll take the heating pad to bed with me for the ear, since the antibiotics haven’t kicked in enough yet for relief.


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