day 3 virgin diet

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am trying my best to post here every day, for accountability and also for the sake of anyone who might be trying to actually learn from my experience.  Fair warning – that means at least 49 days of virgin diet posts, though of course I hope to fit in some other blogs some of those days as well.

Report on how I felt when I woke up:  arthritis foot pain, but not as bad as yesterday.  Sleepy, but less so than yesterday.  Apparently no swelling or inflammation at all in one foot, though, and almost none in the other.  When the swelling and inflammation are gone, the ridge of bumps across the tops of my feet that are the bony growths between the bones in the tops of my feet look more than ever like a mountain range.  This “no swelling or inflammation” thing has happened so rarely that I’ve almost never had a look at that.  I spent some time this morning being fascinated by it.  Alien to me, like looking up close at the moon’s surface or something.

As I mentioned yesterday, today was a mixed-up schedule, so I did my shakes for breakfast and supper, and my food meal was lunch.  For the shakes, I once again pushed for more and more greens.  I’m trying to increase my greens with each shake, since I’m fully aware of how good greens are for the body.  I saw an article recently that was evaluating fruits and vegetables and ranking which ones generally come with the most pesticides on them, and learned that kale is on the list.  Makes me glad that I have my own kale in the garden, and I know for sure I have never used anything on them – I just share them with the bugs and bunnies, and there is still enough left for me after they’ve had their fill.  I also added blueberries to both shakes today, and I used more like 10 ounces of coconut milk instead of 8, and only a heaping scoop of shake mix, instead of 2.  And of course I used the chia seeds again.  (G is using chia in his juice every morning that he’s making with the juicer, too.)  I’m getting this thing down to a science for how I like to drink it.

I don’t have a lunch picture today; I was making my lunch and making G lunch after his dental surgery and catching up laundry and getting dressed and made up to get to work, and snapping a pic just didn’t happen.  But the meal was the grass-fed ground beef with mushrooms and onions, like last night, along with a giant mega-salad and half a sweet potato.  Again with missing the nuts.  Dang it.  Also, tonight I remembered that I think I’m only supposed to have RED meat a couple of times a week, and I don’t know if the lamb counted as such (probably so), which means I’ve already transgressed by one day, probably, and I don’t yet have any poultry in the fridge.  I think there is some frozen shrimp in there; I guess I’ll work with that tomorrow and then make sure to get some poultry.  My cousin (shout out, D – I got your message and then didn’t get a chance to call you back, but thank you!!) has given me one tip, which I will follow up on while I am also going to shop the 2 local health food stores and see what comes of that.  I also did have a short period of time in 2011 when I bought farm-raised meat through a cooperative – I still have their address and may check to see if their stuff meets the standards of the book.

I have experienced serious sleepiness today.  When I took G to his dental surgery, I took a HARD nap in the waiting room while I waited, and slept for the better part of an hour.  And then at work this afternoon, I had several bouts of severe sleepiness.  I am guessing that is not diet-related, since I’ve stuck so faithfully to the plan – probably it’s just because I was up again last night until after ten (and whoops, I’m doing that again tonight).

My feet hurt a lot tonight, as well.

Still:  the good news is that it continues to be easy to follow the food plan.  Also, my one-notch tighter on the belt from yesterday held true for today as well, which was very encouraging – my dress pants for work were more comfortable than they have been in a very long time.

So that’s progress.  Now I’ll sign off here and finish my bedtime water (yes, I am hitting the 96 ounce mark today) and try to get some sleep.  Still a thumbs-up for this plan.


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