day 2 virgin diet

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Report of how I felt when I woke up:  arthritis pain but not as bad as yesterday.  No noticeable swelling.  Very sleepy and hard to wake up again.  But I did stay up until a little after 10 last night, so 4:30 is early for someone who needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Shakes were an easy success today.  Didn’t get my act together enough to take one to work, but was able to come home and make one over the break.  I left the blueberries out both times, and added twice the greens that I did yesterday.  Delish.

Some degree of sleepiness between breakfast and lunch, but no overpowering droopy lids or attacks of serial yawning.

Only one fit of gagging and choking on post nasal drip all day.

Here was the super fun part:  when I got dressed this morning, my belt went an entire notch smaller than it has gone in the month or so that I’ve owned it!  Now:  it’s not possible that I lost enough weight to go down a whole notch, so the nearest I can figure is that I had some bloating or swelling that went down.  It was a marked difference on the belt, and throughout the day, the belt even got a little looser – not “changing notches” looser, but leaving space enough for a couple of fingers.  That’s just crazy, isn’t it?!  It made me happy all day long, even without feeling or looking a tiny bit smaller.

Supper tonight was this:

IMG_0848 (2)Clean, lean protein:  grass-fed ground beef patty

Non-starchy vegetables:  squash dish:  zucchini (harvested from my garden last night), summer squash, onions and garlic, along with roasted cabbage, and mushrooms and onions sauteed with the burger (yes, once again tonight I ate AN ENTIRE ONION in my meal)

Healthy fats – everything was cooked in olive oil, except the cabbage, which was roasted with coconut oil, and still somehow I managed to set off the smoke detector – HOW does one oven-roast veggies without smoking up the joint?!

Nuts – oops, forgot them again.  I gotta fix that

High-fiber, low-glycemic carbs – the tomatoes in the squash dish (half a roma) and half a sweet potato for dessert

I don’t think I’m meeting the water requirement thus far on the diet.  You’re supposed to drink half your weight in ounces, so say if you weighed 100 pounds, you’d drink 50 ounces of water.  I did read on the website that for those of us who are very plus-sized, that equation breaks down after awhile, and we don’t actually have to do the entire amount.  Regardless, it’s hard to fit it in.  I do 16 ounces when I wake, and then maybe 2 16 ounce mugs of hot water between breakfast and lunch, and then maybe 2 16 ounce mugs of hot water between lunch and supper, and then one more 16 ounces of hot water at bedtime.  Well…that’s 96 ounces, and if I remember right, that’s what the website said is the acceptable threshold, even for those of us who weigh more than twice that.  Guess I did alright after all.

Tomorrow, G has dental surgery in the morning and then I have to be out at my parents’ house in the evening, so I reckon I will do my meal at lunch and the shakes for breakfast and supper.  I went ahead tonight and pre-cooked the meat for that while I was making supper (so I’ll have another burger sauteed with onions and mushrooms – yum).

That’s that.  I’d count day 2: another success!

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    I’m encouraged!

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