49 – my jubilee of jubilees

Posted: March 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today is my very last day of being 48 years old.  Unlike many folks, I look forward to birthdays and enjoy the process of moving forward through time.  While I like to soak up everything I can possibly learn from where I’ve been in the past, I have zero desire to go back and live there.  As imperfect as I am, I love being who I am, right where I am.  I don’t pine for any “good old days.”

So I EXPECT to be excited about clicking off to the next year, but this one comes with a special kick of inspiration and energy.  There is something cool about the number 7, what with the Jewish concept of jubilee.  I can’t help but note that we are in a “shmita” year currently, which is about that, as I understand it.  Tomorrow begins my seventh round of seven years.  So turning 49 during a shmita year seems like a jubilee of jubilees.

I feel inspired to add a whole other level of INTENTION and DISCIPLINE to my approach to my 49th year.  The ideas are bouncing around in my head too frenetically for me to yet spell them out, but perhaps I’ll get to share them with you along the way.

For now, I’ll start out by spending day one of year 49 in service, painting at my church.  I love it that the timing comes out like that – it’s such an appropriate beginning to what promises to be a year I’ll never forget.

Stick around!


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