beginning and rethinking

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

The first week of the Wii was a success. I lost 6.2 pounds without dieting.  It is so much easier to get up in the morning and work out this way.  It is SO NICE not to have to face the arctic frozen tundra.  I am not filled with dread, reluctance, or the temptation to make excuses.  It is just moments from bed to working out.  There is no competing for equipment.  And it is FUN.  I don’t have fun at the gym.  This is a great way to get by until the weather lets me get out to walk and eventually run.

I did have to make an adjustment.  On day 2, my feet really hurt when I woke up (they almost always hurt the day after a workout) but I was desperate to work out anyway.  My first thought was I’d just do balance and stretch things – to stay low impact.  But that didn’t work; standing with my full weight on both feet, uninterrupted, really hurts me these days.  I just about gave up.  I just about turned it off and headed for the shower.

Instead I tried something else.  I went to the fun games.  I marched as the conductor of a parade.  I worked my way through an obstacle course.  I rode a bicycle around an island, recovering flags.  All of this worked for me.  The impact of moving is not nearly as painful as the strain of standing still.

It worked!  Hurray for rethinking.


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