life and a punch in the nuts

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some days have a way of sneaking up for what I don’t know how to characterize other than, “an unexpected punch in the nuts.”  This was one of those days.

It started out good.  I was killin’ it at work, and having fun doing so.

It got even better.  We had our first Growth Group, and it was great!  I reconnected with ladies I haven’t gotten to spend enough time with.  A young friend joined us, when I thought he wouldn’t be able to make it.  Conversation was real.  We laughed.  We prayed together.  It was great.

While we were closing in prayer, Autumn was banging around in her cage.  I wondered what her deal was, but I didn’t go check.  If I had been paying more attention, I’d have realized it was the same banging that she made when she had babies on January 4.

Gary got home, chatted, showered, chatted.  Then went to check on the bunnies.

That was the punch in the nuts.

He called me into the room, somewhat frantic.

There were 3 babies.  All peanuts.  All dead.  There had been no babies when our small group started.  That was what the banging was.  Birth.

How in the world?!  WHAT?!

I did the mental math.  Baby bunnies take about a month in the womb.  Chance was removed from the cage directly after the last batch of babies were born – within minutes, and no mating behavior happened in those minutes.  I was there.  He was kept out until 2 weeks after he was fixed.  They were only reunited 2 weeks ago.  So this is not a case of his “getting fixed” not taking.


So I did what I do to solve all questions:  I Asked the Google.  Did you know this?  Rabbits have two “uterine horns” and can ovulate on demand.  So…when they are ALREADY PREGNANT…they can get pregnant again.  With a separate batch, with a separate birth date.

We ran the dates.  These babies had to have been conceived probably the same day that the previous babies were born – before that birth, since there was no contact after it.  Ahh nature.

It was a sad and traumatic end to the day.  A punch in the nuts, so to speak.  But then this is one of the stanzas of the rhythm of life, eh?

No big lesson here.  Just gladness that tomorrow is a new day, and every tomorrow is a clean slate.

See you tomorrow.


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