bunny report and an unexpected conclusion

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

You can see one of the babies here.

We must, of course, do a bunny update tonight.

Two of the babies did not survive the night, which is what I expected.  One was what is called a “peanut” – it was half the size of the others and very underdeveloped.  The internet said it wouldn’t survive past two weeks.  It was right.  The other just looked…wrong,  I can’t quantify how.  I remember this from growing up on the farm; some new babies you can just spot as non-survivors from the beginning.  It didn’t make it either.

But today things are looking better.  Autumn appears to be figuring out parenting.  The bunnies originally came with their very own stuffed bunny, which G took out of the cage when he decided they needed the space more than the toy.  Last night after I removed Chance from the cage, I put the stuffed bunny back in, hoping it might provide some sort of comfort.  Today, Autumn has painstakingly moved it across the cage to create a more sheltered, “nest-like” area.  The remaining two babies are surviving thus far.

Chance is still in the plastic tote.  The change in weather prevented us making a trip to borrow an extra.  G had the day off, so he got lots of time out of the tote, playing in the living room, running back and forth on what we call “bunny road” (a table runner that creates access from the bunny cushion, across the hardwood floor, to the carpet) and gazing longingly into the cage at his sister and kids.  Meanwhile, I called around today and learned that I can get Chance fixed for anywhere between $100 and $218.  Apparently, it’s worth it to do a bit of calling around. Friday, his daddy-maker shall be canceled.

In other news, the world relentlessly moves on.  A friend became an auntie today; another friend lost a sister out of the blue.  And that’s just two stories.  I could tell wondrous stories and horror stories for a few hundred more words without even having to dig deep.  The world moves relentlessly on.  We celebrate, and it moves on. We mourn, and it moves on.  We grow, and it moves on.  We get stuck, and it moves on.

Sometimes that really ticks me off.  On 9/11, moments after I watched the towers fall on my TV screen, I was offended that the sun dared to shine so brightly through my kitchen windows.  After Katrina, I didn’t understand how the joy of kids on an athletic field in the afternoon sun could be the scene before my eyes.

Sometimes it’s a joy to me. I NEED the world to move on, and carry me beyond some event.  Or I’m filled with anticipation about the next thing.

In the end, I suppose it’s a mercy.  The world moves on.  Sure, I can’t party inside the joy of yesterday’s events tomorrow.  But it also means whatever I face, another day is just around the corner.

This was not the direction I expected to go with today’s blog.  If this message for you…receive it well.  It you’re as confused as I am about how it started one way and went another…join me in praying for whoever needed to hear it.

  1. laurie says:

    Thankyou for the update on the nursery situation.
    I also agree with the movement of life is a mercy when life just keeps moving on in the face of knowing that others are in turmoil or worse. You have great insight – so appreciate the way you share it and teach at the same time.

  2. Cindy Maynard says:

    Same as what LAURIE said.

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