hello, 2015…part 2 (time)

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Years ago, when I shifted from living mostly for myself (I’d have told you I was living for my kids, but the truth about that is I was living for how being their mom made me feel – so, FOR MYSELF) to living for the One who made me, life changed pace.  In the old life, I had long stretches of nothing to do.  I had time for endless distractions that led me nowhere, from soaking up TV almost every minute I was awake, to renting maybe six movies in a weekend, and seeing them all, to hiding away for days and overnights inside of one dark novel after another, to hanging on the phone for hours, talking mostly about nothing.  Once the shift happened, I felt like I got up off the couch (my favorite place to lurk) and started walking…then jogging…then full-out sprinting.

Since then, life has rarely slowed down. It has been over-full and I have been constantly challenged to step up, and step up, and step up some more.  My life is full and satisfying, rich and rewarding, and generally pretty much overwhelming, more often than not.  This is not a complaint.  I love my full life.  I love each of the many thngs that fill my time and use up my energy and send my thoughts whirling and twirling.  I love the purpose of it.  I love how He has peopled my world.  It is sometimes chaotic and often not easy, and I don’t do some it particularly well, but I am where I am supposed to be, and I know for sure who holds me.

All that to say:  in 2015, I would really like to do some growing/improving in my time management skills. I keep a lot of balls in the air, but in the process, I’m dropping balls more often and more consistently  than I want to.  Some examples of that include:

  • Friend/family time – I let this slide way too often.  I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the past year with my parents, nor with my sister and her family.  I haven’t visited my brother in years.  I haven’t had the flood of dinner guests I planned for.  I haven’t instituted the Sunday-after-church drop-in for lunch time that I wanted to hold as a regular thing.  I haven’t watched my son play in his various bands enough.  I haven’t taken as much time to deepen new friendships and keep old ones fresh as I’d like to.  I haven’t answered emails, letters, and cards in a timely manner or even at all, sometimes.  These are the things I will care about on my deathbed, and I’m letting them slide, day in and day out.  I mean, I do A LOT.  But it’s not even close to enough, IMHO.
  • Self-care time – In 2014, I didn’t spend my time carefully enough, where it came to workouts and menu planning for healthy eating.  I didn’t stay faithful enough to keeping a sabbath.  I didn’t take enough naps.  I didn’t meditate enough, and I sure didn’t fast enough.  These are things that will determine both the length of my life and the quality of my health.  Not a point for compromise.
  • Money management time – in 2012, a good friend helped me fix my then-floundering financial situation.  I had a good system i place.  I became a little less attentive to that as I planned our wedding, and even less since we got married Oh, we’re getting by.  We’re not in crisis mode.  But I’m no longer fully plugged in and aware.  Too much is unconscious automatic.  Our emergency backup fund is not where it should be.  Nor is our savings.  And now we need to be building a travel budget, and that cannot happen with the current way we’re slipping the through.  If we’re going to accomplish the things we want to and the ones we need to, I really MUST spend more time in looking it over and thinking it over.
  • Work – I do a lot right with time management at work.  There are some areas I need to tighten up, though.   And I told my boss back in my annual evaluation in January of 2013 that I would get my nursing administrator’s license.  It didn’t happen in 2013; I blamed that on the sweeping changes brought to my life by my new marriage.  It didn’t happen again in 2014, and there were again good reasons for that.  I don’t know how to make it happen in 2015.  But I know for sure it will not happen if I don’t make a plan.  So I need to figure out if it’s time to make a plan, or time to say “uncle” and give that idea up.  I have no idea which way that will go.

Again today:  no answers.  Just a bit more self-evaluation, while stepping across the threshold of another year.

Hopefully all of this thinking and writing will lead me to some concrete and workable steps for forward motion.


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