brief note after the camp

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Some of you who read my blogs have asked for a report about our Royal Family Kids Camp – I was there last week.  People who gave money or donated items or prayed us through or all of the above would like to hear stories from the camp.

I’m a bit at a loss for how to share.  First is the simple fact that what we went through feels like a holy thing to me – set apart, precious, not fodder for the telling of tales.  Then, there is the extremely confidential nature of dealing with foster kids – it is so very important to protect all of their information, especially in a setting as public as the internet.

The short story is:  camp was amazing.  We got to minister to beautiful kids with a ton of beauty and potential and personality and brokenness.  The job was too big for us, but God showed up.  We saw and heard a lot of stuff that broke our hearts – I am still moved to tears when I think in a focused way about those kids.  They were a handful and they were funny and sweet and giving and loud.  Some of our counselors showed a level of skill and compassion that far surpassed what anyone could ever have expected.  We laughed a lot, we cried together, we struggled, we celebrated.  The kids were grateful in the end.

I have a ton of stories I’d love to share, but I am afraid that in the telling I might give away enough facts to accidentally cross a line.  I couldn’t bear it if one of those kids somehow, someday came across this blog and recognized their own story on my page and felt betrayed by it.  So that’s about as good as the telling is going to get.

That being said, I’ll be mentioning the camp more this year, since we are doing it again next year.  I’ll be asking you for money and for stuff and for prayer.  I’ll be beating the bushes for like-minded folk who might be willing to give a week of their time to serve as counselors or staff .

In the meanwhile, I’ll just ask you to keep the kids we served in your prayers.  Surround them with prayers.  Infuse their households with prayers.  Stand with me and make war on their behalf.  You won’t even need to ask God if that’s a right thing to to.  Trust me, He loves it.

  1. Carol Trott says:

    Karen & Gary, of course you go on serving the Lord in amazing ways, with big hearts towards God. May there be great fruit in the work that you are doing, and have done with these kids! God bless! Carol

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