180 days

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was flipping through my phone today at lunch while I ate and came across an app I had forgotten was there:  the countdown for our wedding!  While it counted DOWN before the wedding, apparently turned around and started counting UP afterward.  So today I discovered that we have been married for 180 days (plus, as I look right now, about six and a half hours.) 

We already can have whole conversations with just the lifting of an eyebrow.  We already have inside jokes.

He came to work at the Manor, where I work, at the beginning of 2014.  Six weeks into that, we already have a whole new common ground, populated with characters we both know.  That’s more fun than I’d have guessed it could be.

We’ve been attempting to run together since the beginning.  First the work schedule at his previous place of employment wreaked havoc on that.  Then came snow and nice, the polar vortex, and way too many subzero mornings, too cold to run.  This week, I finally surrendered my objections to working out indoors; we found a gym.  His excitement makes me glad, which is helping me overcome my general resentment and dread at the idea of treadmill time. 

We serve together on the tech team at church, where we have been known to get teasingly reminded to “leave 6 inches for the Holy Spirit.”  He just joined me on the prayer team.  We just joined a small group. 

He continues to join me in household chores and shopping.  180 days in, and he hasn’t gotten bored and started pursuing a separate life.  I’m so glad.  I love living like this.

Earlier this week was the first evening I have been gone to a meeting when he got off work.  We share a car, so part of our life together is that every night at 7:30 I wait outside of work to pick him up.  That night, I had a meeting at church.  So he walked home, and I joined him later at bedtime.  It was kind of disorienting and we were extra glad to reunite afterward. 

I’m not going to pretend that I know what I’m doing, at this point.  For now, I’m just fully enjoying being in “newlywed” mode, the space which I intend to occupy for at least 365 full days and nights.  I am living every day intentionally, when it comes to how I treat G and how I invest myself in our relationship.  I know I’ve retreated substantially from a lot of the outside stuff I did pre-wedding.  I’ve only just begun to slowly reintroduce a bit of the mentoring I was doing, and am carefully looking for ways to do more of that (hopefully while G is at work.) 

Maybe later I’ll look back and see that I did it imperfectly.  Probably. 

But for now, I sure am enjoying doing it the best I know how to do it. 


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