karen wanders off script

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today at work we had a bomb threat drill.  A very clear set of instructions are spelled out for us, in such a case.  My role is to be the hub of communications.  I had studied the emergency procedures sheet for this several times.  I had highlighted the parts important to me. 

I knew before the drill:  I was staying in my office.  Everyone else would scatter to look, and while I could look in my office, I would not leave the room.  This was my plan. 

In the heat of the moment, though, I lost my mind.  I saw everyone charging out to search their designated areas and my compulsion to help grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down the hall.  The reason this was okay, in my mind at that moment, was that I have a portable phone, and it was with me.  And that part of the plan DID work – I fielded a number of calls from coworkers who were looking, while I looked. 

Still, I hadn’t stuck with the plan.  When we had found all of the “bombs” that our maintenance crew had placed strategically, we returned to my office to discuss how the drill had gone.  That was when someone wisely pointed out that I should have stayed in my office.  Sure, I had my phone, but anyone coming to my office couldn’t have found me. 

This is WHY we drill, of course.  We drill so that we can practice, and learn, and improve, and be ready.  I’m just a little humbled by having lost my mind and gone off the plan.  It happened so quickly.  My compulsion to *feel* like I was helping caused me to not do my part of the job in the most helpful manner possible.  Ironic, eh?

It makes me wonder where else in life I might be scrambling around on automatic reflex, eager to “help” but actually doing less than I could, all due to my need to feel helpful.  Where else is there a plan that I am blowing off, doing things in a way that “make sense” to me? 

I got lots of grace today.  My coworkers are grace-filled folk.  I’m blessed like that, and I’m eager to do better – meaning STICK TO THE PLAN – next time around. 

I get lots of grace every day.  Here’s to not taking that grace for granted.  Here’s to asking Him to examine me, to show me where I’m doing more of the same.  Here’s to getting it better by sticking to the plan. 


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