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Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

This summer I am taking the first week of July off of work, but not to go on vacation.  I’m not going camping – I’m going to camp.  Specifically, I am going to serve on staff for Royal Family Kids Camp.

This is not just another fun thing for already-comfortable kids to do.

It is not just another vacation Bible school.

This is a camp for abused and neglected children in the foster care system.  It is offered at precisely ZERO cost for the child or the family caring for the child.  That’s important, because even a few bucks is probably too much impediment for many kids in foster care situations.

At this camp, we will have an amazingly high ratio of counselors to campers – one counselor for every two campers.  This camp will have “grandparents” to step in and fill a role many foster kids don’t get to experience.  Every kid at this camp will get a birthday party, since so many have never had that joy.

These kids will be treated like royalty – like children of the King.  This is not some half-hearted, thrown-together project (you know, like when we give our old stained clothes to the shelter, or donate our expired stuff and the nasty can of something no one in our house will eat to the food pantry…not like that.)

My little church, which is just a church plant and still extremely “young” yet, is putting this camp on.  Some other ministries have already agreed to help out.  This is good, since this project is really a God-sized proposition.  The camp will cost something like $25,000 to put on.

Maybe you go to a church that has an endowment fund and could just pull that amount out.  My church doesn’t.

Maybe you have people in your church who can write fat checks.  My church doesn’t.

What we have is faith and willingness, and a God who is big enough to pull this off.  We are believing Him BIG for this event.

I am pretty sure you’ve never heard me ask for money on this blog.

I am asking you for money on this blog.  Not for me.  I don’t need it.  Please consider giving!

We need cash – yes, I will say it that bluntly.

We need materials.

We need counselors.

We need your prayers.

I do not for one moment believe I am exaggerating when I tell you that this is life-changing, life-saving work.

Please pray about supporting it.  I will share information in another blog soon on how you may give (tax deductible, of course!)

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    I, for one, am so excited to hear more about this awesome camp! Sitting on pins and needles!

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