comfort amidst the uncomfortable project

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday’s blog was pretty incomplete.  I had more to say, more details, definitely more editing to do.  I quit because I got wiped out by emotion.  I stopped, hit publish, and then just fell apart. 

It fascinates and amazes me, the power that something so old can have on today.  My logical brain knows that it’s an old story, it was a special circumstance, and there is no reason for it to have power over me.  Still, a pretty awful funk has its claws in me as I process through. 

Amidst a major post-writing crying jag yesterday, I said to G that I hoped whoever that was for, it was worth it.  That it was a very expensive bit of writing for me, emotionally.  I have lived and written and listened and watched long enough to know that often my being prodded to share coincides with someone’s need to hear.  He’s really precise and astonishing in His timing, that way. 

Closer to home, I also know this:  He doesn’t waste tears or pain.  If all of this was so strangely and suddenly permitted to stir up the angst in me, He is probably about to walk me through healing on it.  How much healing do I need?  Apparently a lot, considering the emotional effects of it all. 

This is what makes me patient and able to not over-respond to the yuck.  Good stuff is on the other side of this muck.  If my feelings currently feel like they’ve been beaten with a pointy stick, at least I know it’s not for naught. 


  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    Waiting to hear/see what beauty rises from these ashes! God is up to something good!!

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