so many voices

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have the opportunity everywhere I go to be a voice. 

“What voice?” you might ask. 

Oh, so many voices.  After all, who am I?  Where have I been?  What do I know?  What are my passions? 

There are the ones – the voice of:

…a woman.

…a Christ-follower.

…a 40-something.

…a newlywed.

…a mom of grown kids.

…a grandma.

…a daughter.

…a sister.

…an aunt.

…a friend.

…a mentor.

…a church-goer.

There are experiences I can share, from each of these perspectives.  There is stuff I’ve learned – most of it the hard way – that perhaps someone can benefit from and save themselves another “the hard way” experience. 

Those voices are just the beginning.  There is all that I have been and done up until now.  The voice of the long-term singleton, of the divorcee.  The voice of the shelter caseworker, the intentional Christian community member, the missionary, the big-city girl.  The voice of the teacher, the tutor, the aide.  The voice of the youth pastor, the Sunday school teacher, the prayer team leader.  The voice of the civil servant, the lady who issued the orders to turn off people’s gas.  The voice of the holder of multiple jobs, the overtime worker, the bleary-eyed, shaky-handed struggler. The voice of the daycare provider, the preschool teacher.  The voice of the country girl, the horse lover.  The voice of the codependent, the confused, the depressed, the addicted. 

That’s just the short, easy list.  I could write it three times as long, had I the patience to do so.  These are all things I have been, places I have gone, territory I understand on some level.  I am not only what I am today, and if I just let all that huge treasure trove of insights, lessons, experiences, wisdom, and perspective that I got from every one of those places, I am wasting a great resource. 

I am a collection of voices.  I can take those voices with me into the world every day.  I can use them to speak into lives that seem far removed from the me that people know today.  I can use them to bring hope to those who are losing the courage to hope  To bring comfort to the wretched.  To encourage those who struggle with doubt.  To challenge the assumptions of the deceived.  To defend the defenseless.  

Or I can forget about it all and just be about me, me, me, and more me.  That is always an option available.

I know which I’d rather do.

What voices do YOU have available to use, that perhaps have been left aside and forgotten?  How might you be a blessing, if you reconnected with them? 


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