on going to church, or not

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago (a month?  not sure…) I missed one day of posting here on the blog.  I told you I had it written on a page and would type it in later.  It has been sitting folded on my desk since then.  So here it is, before I jump in to write the next, which will be today’s blog, the final one for 2013!

In 1984/5 I graduated, got married and moved out of my parents’ house, started college, and carried and gave birth to my daughter.  I had been in church fairly consistently my whole life up to that point, but though I had taught Sunday school for years and had been a youth delegate to the National General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1984, it had been mostly my mom who had made sure I showed up and participated regularly.  I mean, I hadn’t resented or resisted it, but she was my motivator, you know?

Once I left home and started testing my wings as an adult, church got more or less dumped for the duration of my four years in college.  It wasn’t that I was NEVER in church, but it was rare.  I attended maybe 20 times in 4 years, and that was including Christmas Eve services with my parents and Easter services.  I wasn’t AGAINST church.  I thought it was a good idea. 

Looking back, I think I saw church as an organization that I belonged to, as an activity that I participated in, as an obligation I owed to God.  That made it easy to be too tired, too busy, or too guilty to go.  Time and life have changed so much in the nearly 30 years since then.   

G and I have had a run of busy weekends (a marriage encounter weekend, a visit to JPUSA, and a visit to the grandbaby and her awesome parents in Kentucky) that have added up to us only being in attendance at our home church one Sunday out of the last four.  I am so homesick for my church that Sunday cannot come fast enough. 

These days, my church is not just an organization to which I belong.  It is family. 

These days, it is not just an activity – another thing to do – but a place where I meet God in a unique way…mostly through other people. 

These days, it is not an obligation, but a privilege that I exercise with great anticipation and joy. 

These days, it is a place of belonging, even when some of the “family” see things in a markedly different way than I do. 

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    This is exactly how I feel/see church!!! Back in the summer, we were gone for 2 weeks serving in El Salvador, then back 1 week, then gone on vacation and then I was on a 2nd mission trip. Being out of church felt like I was very far removed from the body of Christ. I felt so isolated. Isn’t it interesting that on 3 of those Sundays I was even with fellow congregation members! Seems odd, but there is something to be said about the joy being in corporate worship.

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